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Tigers 5 vs Phoenix 3

08 October 2023 | Zoe DeBarro
Tigers 5 vs Phoenix 3

T5 welcomed no less than 4 players for their debuts today: Alexandra York and Ben Williams for their first seniors performance, Paul Williams (Ben’s Dad, who has decided that joining in is far more fun than filling in the scorecard from the bench), and Sammy Darling, who hadn’t played a match since she was at school.

it was an eventful start to Tiger-Paul’s korfball career as he clashed heads with Phoenix-Paul in the first few seconds. Luckily only minor damage done, and the Cottenham Dads were both able to continue after a quick patch up.

The Tigers defence was solid and we held them to a narrow 1-3 lead at half time. Our attacks become more fluid and creative as the match wore on with plenty of shots going up; theirs were just going in more. Lots of learning and really lovely to see the new players all finding their feet.

Final score still a very respectful 3-7 with goals for Olivia, Ellis and Zoe.

(We didn’t manage to get a team photo, so you just get late stragglers 😜).

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