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Tigers 4 vs Phoenix 1

30 April 2023 | Nick Francis +
Tigers 4 vs Phoenix 1

Tiger 4 had their last game of the season on Sunday against Phoenix 1. Bank Holiday weekend and late illness (thanks Dutchie for stepping in last minute and going from coach to player) meant a slightly juggled team but a good mix of youth and experience.

A slow start as both teams took a while to find their shooting range, but Phoenix made the most of their chances and led at halftime 5-8. Second half was more of the same with Phoenix running out 10-18 winners. Goals for Nick, Ellis, Tom, Chloe, Billy, Daniel and of course Dutchie with 4.

An end of a good season for T4. Thanks to everyone who's played for us over the season, and especially those who've helped coaching from the sidelines, especially Joseph, Dutchie, Liv and Chris. Apologies if I've missed anyone as I've only played the last part of the season.

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