What is it?

What is Korfball?

Korfball is a mixed team sport and is a game for everyone, whether you are 5 or 50! We have a fantastic Junior set up and our Senior teams vary from total beginners to experienced old farts! Tigers always welcome new players what ever ability or age. We also have regular socials for example, bowling, picnics, quiz nights and the usual Christmas and End of Season dinners! It’s not all about having fun on the court but off the court too! Join Tigers!

Based on teamwork, agility and quick thinking, Korfball is a fast moving, tactical game played by a mixed team of eight – four men and four women. Incorporating elements from both basketball and netball, the aim is to score as many goals as possible by shooting the ball into the opposition’s basket. The basket (or ‘korf’) is on a free standing post 3.5 metres high, positioned one third of the way inside the court at each end, and without a backboard.

How does Korfball work?

You can only shoot when you are not being defended – when in attack, you have to try and lose your defender by running and dodging about in order to get free and take a shot.

To defend a shot, you need to be within an arm’s reach of the attacker and nearer to the post than them – you don’t actually have to block the ball, so the relative height of players is irrelevant. If you are defending your player correctly, he/she is not allowed to take a shot.

Men can only defend male players and women can only defend other women.

You can’t run with the ball or dribble with it, or take the ball out of the hands of another player. Using teamwork, you pass the ball around the court moving tactically to set up scoring opportunities.

At any point during the game, half of the team is in attack (in one half of the court) and the other half in defence. After every two goals, the roles change and attackers then defend, and defenders attack – so everyone gets a chance to both shoot and defend.

For more information, see the rules page