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Weekly Update – 16 Jan

Greetings All

After gorging on a goal banquet the previous weekend, T3 were pumped as their entourage swept gloriously into CRC to face Phoenix 2 on Thursday evening. The disappointment at the lack of ticker-tape and marching band was softened as the opposition fielded identical twins to entertain T3….but they bamboozled the defence completely (they were playing in separate divisions though, so that argument doesn’t hold water.) Phoenix are looking to win Division 2 this season and T3 – after last season’s adventures in the underworld – are looking for ‘mid-table respectability’ this season we shall call it. It was touch and go but Phoenix came out on top 12-9 and T3 will be looking to bounce back in Ely on Sunday with a tough match against V2. Sign up, Eligible People! Neha needs you! The only thoughts of down under Neha wants to contemplate this season are not relegation – related.

In other news, the SERL team had a very important match on Sunday, away to fellow Promotion-chasers, Norwich Ice. A win would guarantee promotion play-offs in May. Anne excitedly lined up for her first SERL match of the season after impressive shooting for T1 and T2 pre-Christmas. Both she and hot-shot Josh were to be frustrated by being restricted to long shots, as it turned out. Meanwhile, Jerram had brought his lucky underwear and special trainers in case he got the call-up….and the super sub was indeed called upon! The game had been made safe for Tigers when a catastrophic case of piles cramp for Chris required the craft and wiley ways of the elder statesman to quell any scent of a comeback from the opposition. Thomas is less of a tank engine and more of a bullet train, scoring 7 against opponents who were content to stand back and invite shots from distance, which ‘TGV’ we’ll call him (Thomas a Grand Vitesse) was having none of! Non, Monsieur! Tigers won 18-11 and are in the play-offs in early May. Well done to all involved.

T4 were also victorious on Sunday evening against a City 5 development team who were in some cases very vertically developed indeed. Talking of which, Sam’s very tall opponent was no hindrance at all to him as he swooped, dived, sprinted and stepped around his player like Scrappy Doo would a giant Mummy (old Ted the Fairground Keeper in disguise in most cases.) There were other nice scores from Mateja, Caroline, Alex and others but there were so many goals and good play it was hard to keep up. Even Steve lost track of who scored and was congratulating anyone. T4 won 11-10 or thereabouts.

T2 then lined up against MK Lakers – newbies to Division 1 and that keen on playing us that they insisted on travelling all the way from MK to the Perse on a wet Sunday evening. MK had a few very good girls shooting and scoring rather well and poor Billy got the short straw (as usual.) MK won 13-7 but if it were judged on attempts on target (i.e. hitting the korf) then it would have been a T2 victory. Ah well, T2 should just about be safe this season and don’t have to travel to Milton Keynes till the end of April when the weather should be better and we can do some shopping. Good running and rebounding from Tom Clift (Harry? Who’s he?), just the 20 or so miles covered by Keira in this match, Hana and Louis were persistently pesky and Jerram used mind control to concede a free pass he was nowhere near( #youhadtobethere)
Coming up:

Sun 22 Jan 2017 15:30 MK Lakers 1 Tigers 1 Woughton Leisure Centre
Sun 22 Jan 2017 17:30 Vikings 2 Tigers 3 Ely Community College
Tue 24 Jan 2017 21:00 City 1 Uni 1 Alex reffing Kelsey Kerridge
Sun 29 Jan 2017 15:30 Norwich Knights 2 Tigers SERL UEA Sports Park
Sun 29 Jan 2017 17:30 Vikings 4 Tigers 5 (Dev) Ely Community College
Sun 29 Jan 2017 19:00 Tigers 4 Uni 2 Perse School for Boys