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Weekly Update – Mon 29 Jan 2018

As in life, you need to experience the lows in korfball in order to fully appreciate the highs. Lured in by the prospect of a revenge victory in the home fixture against fellow strugglers Nomads, Tigers were looking forward to asserting their new-found authority against the more established top National League teams. There have been many good performances this season and the first three quarters of this match (when Tigers led by three) was no exception. However, a few canny substitutions, a few defensive lapses, a bit of bad luck on the attack and the roles were suddenly reversed, as the NL team lost 16-18 at home. The injury list is long this season, so the last thing the club needed was germ warfare. So it was that Captain Fantastic himself, Commander-in-Chief, Defender of the Korf and leader of the team, Chris West was laid low by a heavy cold. Chris’s absence was keenly felt and it says much that the team still performed so strongly. Exquisite low-trajectory shooting from young Oscar, some more fine shots from Lia, rock solid penalties from Josh and disciplined rebounding from Liv were noteworthy. In fact, it was mainly the girls who created the chances, as their tall boys were being kept as far away from the post as possible. Alas, alas, alas. It was a funereal atmosphere at the end of this one – vuvuzelas silenced and Julie’s camera quietly put aside. The only thing missing was a hearse. For those of you who can hardly get out of bed for work/studies this week, experiencing that boney finger of despair jabbing at your guts, turn that frown upside down. There’s another weekend of home korfing action coming up and Tigers are still looking ok to stay up and have opportunities for more winnable points. As for Chris, let’s hope he recovers soon and if not, we will force him back onto the court in an orange dressing gown if necessary to infect the opposition. Germ warfare, folks.

In other news a convoy of parents ferried a less experienced but fresh, new look Tigers 1 side to Impington to face off against Division 1 leaders City 1. Things started slowly as City went 5 or 6 ahead but then the chase was on and the gap was back to three halfway through the second half. Indeed it could/should have been closer had a flurry of good chances not been missed by someone who had left his shooting hands at home (I blame those germs again.) Just as the Tigers bench was heaving with parents though, the City bench was heaving with experienced subs, which they used to stretch the lead again and ultimately run out winning with a bit to spare. Nevertheless, there was lovely movement around the court and clever attacking play from Becca and Hana, incessant rebounding by a dominant Tom against his succession of tall opponents, good shooting from ‘Just-the-three’ Jonny against his giant bearded opponent and a solid debut for Molly, who worked her opponent out as the match went on and looks a very exciting prospect for T1 for the rest of the season. We shall certainly be working on passing around the player there, but I sense lots of running-in shots and drop-offs are on the way.

T3 and T2 were also playing and it is hard to tell one from the other as so many of T3 then lined out for T2. T3 played as a 7 until the last few minutes when charging buck Dan galloped on. Sam, Caroline and Sarah drew the short straw and played valiantly as a three, with Mateja, Joseph, Sarah and Steve playing as a four. I am told that we had some good shooting and switching from young Clarke and Rodgers with a textbook penalty to report from Sarah. Ultimately T3 beat V3 8-3.

V2 on the other hand had a very strong line¬-up against T2 and raced into a 5-2 lead. Some great runners from ‘Just-the-three’ Jen and one from Rosie brought it back to 6-6 near the end. We had the young Dynamo Sam damaging the floor once more with the rubber he burnt around the court, scoring two in the process. Jessie and Mateja defended like aggressive crabs and Dan was leaping around the post like a ballet dancer (without the tights.) The Rodgers clan had a busy night of it Sunday indeed, as Joseph, fresh from helping T3 to victory, was then rewarded with the plum job of keeping tabs on Vikings star man, Chris (a thankless task indeed) whilst Rosie had a similar job against her opponent. Steve spent the match haring around after an energetic young Viking (Stop the Pigeon!) and keeping the post from falling over. Unfortunately, Vikings popped one in at the end but they were a rather experienced side.

Here’s what’s coming up:

Sun, 04-Feb-2018 1245 TIG2 v KFISH2 Perse School for Boys
Sun, 04-Feb-2018 1415 TIG1 v KFISH Perse School for Boys
Sun, 04-Feb-2018 1900 T1 v V1 Perse School for Boys
Fri, 16-Feb-2018 2020 L1 v T1 Littleport Sports Centre
Sat, 17-Feb-2018 1215 TIG2 v HAR Perse School for Boys
Sun, 18-Feb-2018 1245 TIG2 v KV2 Perse School for Boys
Sun, 18-Feb-2018 1415 TIG1 v KV Perse School for Boys
Sun, 18-Feb-2018 1600 C5 v T4 Hills Road Sixth Form College
Wed, 21-Feb-2018 2100 U2 v T2 Cambridge University Sports Centre
Sun, 25-Feb-2018 900 U-14s v Royals Cambridge Regional College
Sun, 25-Feb-2018 1000 BEC v TIG1 Whitgift School
Sun, 25-Feb-2018 1200 U-14s v City Cambridge Regional College
Sun, 25-Feb-2018 1440 NCITY v TIG2 UEA Sportspark
Sun, 25-Feb-2018 1900 T4 v T3 Perse School for Boys