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Weekly Update – Mon 26 Feb 2018

Brr! There’s a ‘beast from the east’ around apparently but I think this could also be a pack of Siberian Tigers, spotted prowling around the Whitgift School, Croydon on Sunday morning. Tigers showed up there to some icicle-bound spectators in multiple layers of clothing, huddled around the dying embers of a charcoal fire pit, palms pressed in close to the fast-receding heat. King of Chat Toby was generating as much hot air as possible, whilst even Ross had an extra layer of clothing under his kilt (obviously the good-time feeling from the rugby result had long worn off by this stage.) And Daisy hibernated in the car, grumpily awaking in time for the game after three hours sleep the night before (preparing for Uni, I am told.) The West parents were there to make sure both their children were nice and warm too. Wee Helen, playing for Bec, awkwardly received a flask of warmed milk and had her favourite S-Club 7 leggings on standby, whilst young Christopher (Mummy’s Special Soldier) gracefully passed up the opportunity to wear his A-Team cotton vest top (crazy fool) and hand-me-down lucky long johns, that his father had brought along, just in case. The match itself was a lot more competitive than the reverse fixture, earlier in the season, when Bec trounced us at the Perse. They are the league leaders and unbeaten this season, so the end result of 28-15 – a score that didn’t flatter anyone – is a good indicator of what Tigers can do when playing against the best opposition (we just have to repeat this against the weaker teams too.) Four for Ror, a three-a for Lia and the usual haul of penalties from new England under-19 pick (and barely off his tricycle) Josh. I fancy that current England and Bec star Joe Bedford called in sick once he heard our 15-year-old prodigy was playing (fifteen!.) He would have also missed super-sub Ross scoring with a lovely fake and long shot, Oscar getting a lovely drop-off, Keira cheering vociferously on the sidelines and Daisy grimacing at all the loud noises (I remember those days well.)

Daisy’s day from hell was only half-done, though. No sooner had the final whistle gone than crazy gang Rory, Daisy, Ross and Keira headed off to a SERL game in Norwich, taking the most direct route possible. Joining them in a separate dash from Croydon was Alex, who clearly fancies herself as a travel correspondent for the less traditional holiday destinations. Alex has taken several unexpected detours in the past and is now very well acquainted with central Croydon and can recommend many interesting industrial estates, dead ends or pieces of spare ground, should you ever wish to travel there. I don’t and shall certainly avoid Alex’s mystery tours if the opportunity ever arises (Milton Keynes, anyone? Shudder.)  The SERL match against Norwich City featured some NL players who couldn’t make the first game. Jenny was ‘Girl on Fire’ against Norwich City, scoring 4 and winning a penalty or two, and proving a valuable source of heat for the posse of shivering spectators tracking her every movement. Rory carried on scoring – another 3 penalties and a long shot. Unintentionally, Daisy had to play this game too, owing to restrictions on NL team players in the regional league team. She loved that. This ended in a 14-13 away victory too! This was after the same opposition easily beat us in the reverse fixture earlier in the season (experience does help in these matches.)

As ever, the NL and SERL matches are only ever a pre-cursor to the big local league match that takes place later in the day. Yesterday evening saw a T3-T4 match-up, where our development team, headed up by the stars of yesteryear, Nick Armitage and Chris ‘Long John’ West, aimed to exact revenge on an early-season 18-16 defeat at the hands of the same opposition. Nick was up from the crack of dawn, gearing himself up for this one, getting in the zone at the under-14s matches and later spotted practising Pilates on Jesus Green and circuits all the way down Hills Road, so focussed was he on putting one over on that pesky Caroline and their league-leading super-squad. At half time, it was closely balanced at 3-3 and it really was anybody’s game, but a hairdryer half time team talk blew the Korfing cobwebs away. Tigers 4 took the local bragging rights in this one with a convincing 13-9 victory. For T3 Sir Joseph of House Rodgers got a few and the Zo-bot, Zoe DiBarro, efficiently stuck away the penalties that came her way. For Tigers 4, however, we had Sam Martin scoring again in only his 2nd match, Martha scoring again in only her 2nd match too, Sarah scoring 2 and Nick scoring 3, despite being marked by Tigers’ greatest living and most communicative defender …. Billy. Don’t let the name fool you. Billy’s a girl but played as a boy against Nick in an intriguing battle of wits, guile and bunions. Alas, Billy’s constant calling did not deafen trumpet-playing Nick. So, Billy can’t get the man of the match award this time. WOEFUL PUN ALERT! Indeed, this award doesn’t go to a f-Ellla at all. Let me Ella-borate by saying that the standards of goal-scoring were Ella-vated by the Ella-mentary way with which her penalties were won and converted. Five goals in total for, yes you’ve guessed it, Ella Armitage. There’s a name to be reckoned with – a chip off the old man’s block indeed. Now that Ella has picked up her father’s eye for a goal, we are just waiting for her to pick up a trumpet and a squash racket.

Shouts out to the under-14s too (of which, Ella is one,) who are scoring too many goals for us to keep count. Keep growing and learning, I say. It was a pleasure to ref you all on Sunday morning at CRC. And another well done to the even younger Tigers for your performances on Sunday morning. The Copper Box beckons you all soon if you keep this up. March is a big month. Just look what’s coming up:


Sun, 04-Mar-2018 1900 T4 v C4 Perse School for Boys
Sun, 04-Mar-2018 1700 NICE v TIG2 UEA Sportspark
Thu, 08-Mar-2018 2025 P1 v T1 Cambridge Regional College
Sun, 11-Mar-2018 1200 TORN v TIG1 Aylesford School Sports College
Sun, 11-Mar-2018 1330 TORN2 v TIG2 Aylesford School Sports College
Sun, 11-Mar-2018 1900 T1 v U1 Perse School for Boys
Sun, 18-Mar-2018 900 U-14s v Vikings Cambridge Regional College
Sun, 18-Mar-2018 1000 U-14s v Royals Cambridge Regional College
Sun, 18-Mar-2018 1245 TIG2 v CITY Perse School for Boys
Sun, 18-Mar-2018 1415 TIG1 v BIRM Perse School for Boys
Thu, 22-Mar-2018 2125 P3 v T2 Cambridge Regional College
Sat, 24-Mar-2018 1300 BIRM v TIG1 Woodcock Sports Centre
Sun, 25-Mar-2018 2000 T2 v P2 Perse School for Boys
Sun, 25-Mar-2018 1900 T3 v C4 Perse School for Boys
Sun, 25-Mar-2018 1145 TROJ v TIG1 Trinity School Sports Centre
Sun, 25-Mar-2018 1245 TIG2 v NICE Perse School for Boys