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Weekly Update Mon 23 April 2018

The dust is settling on a successful first season in the top flight but the Helter Skelter that is local league CKA action continues unabated. There is still a relegation play-off to avoid for T1 and some fun game time at training.

Talking of dust though, City 2 narrowly beat Tigers 1 last night in the ‘rustic’ surroundings of Impington Village College. Scrape those jaws off the floor. I know you’re surprised at that result. All season we have been holding a tin opener over the can of relegation and thought we had put to bed that threat when we sent Uni down in a memorable encounter a few weeks back. That can of worms is well and truly open again, hundreds of them wriggling out over the sides and across the floor. The T1 motor has improved its performance over the last few months and we drafted in a few Dutch chamois leathers to add a bit of shine to the bonnet yesterday. Alas, City 2 brought a chammy of their own and we probably needed a mechanic on the sidelines to look under the bonnet and tweak a few plugs. That said, City were remarkably accurate, with a high goals-to-attack ratio, defending tightly and doggedly, limiting even Jonny and Diana to one apiece. Fans of old TV (i.e. older people) will remember Dusty Bin and 3-2-1 (there’s that dust again) and its resident entertainers, the Brian Rogers Connection. We have the Pete Rodgers Connection on T1 – 3-goal Molly and 2-goal Joseph weighing in once more (and the host was called Ted Rogers – this is getting weird.) Anyway, we also had threeeee for Luuuuuuk and an assortment of goals for most others.  That pesky hall is just too small though, we over-shot the basket countless times and couldn’t exhaust them enough in the second half. Every time we got within one or two, they popped another couple in. Ah well, defeat happens for a reason. We’ll just have to beat City 1 on Sunday to try and avoid a play-off. At least it’s at home, so we’ll knacker them more easily.

In other news, T4 travelled north on their sleds to Ely to take on V3 in a one-sided encounter. Like wearing a neck brace since September, the young stars of T4 this season haven’t looked back all season. Sarah ‘The Knife’ Roberts slipped on the gloves, was suited in her orange outfit, grabbed the scalpel and surgically parted the opposition defence four times. Eloisa Binfield ‘Speedy’ Gonzalez – the fastest mouse in the East – lured her defenders into standing off before popping in four lovely outside shots. Giant Korfscraper Sam Martin towered over his Lilliputian opponent and popped in three around the post, putting his buddy Oscar Haines’s nose out of joint (he consoled himself with two though.) Although struck down by an unknown condition on the day, Martha and Ella hauled themselves/were hauled off their deathbeds and put in a shift too – brave warriors that they are. In other news, Chris arrived late from reffing in London and Nick got 4. Yawn. Those two really need to buck themselves up! Incidentally, Nick is now offering a dry laundry service for anyone whose sweat-dripped shirt needs a quick dry. For a small fee – five minutes for £3.50 and £1.00 a minute thereafter – you may sit on his heated car seats to get yourself dry. Dragon’s Den, eat your heart out. Personally, I’m out.

Talking of dripping sweat, a big congratulations to our very own T2 captain, Alex Valentine, who did the London Marathon yesterday in five hours ten minutes. He would have done it under five had those marshalls not been ready with his water bottles at the watering station instead of trying to take a selfie with Mr A14 himself. It was so warm yesterday too that Alex even took his gold chain off. ‘Never again’ he beamed afterwards.

This weekend is also the last weekend of matches for us (hopefully…unless we end up in a division 1 relegation play-off.) There may or may not be a friendly on Sunday against City 4 after the T1-C1 match too. Will confirm on Wednesday. If not, we will still be able to have some game play in our final few indoor training sessions. See below what’s coming up over the next few months.


Wednesday 25/04/2018 1900 Training Perse
Saturday 28/04/2018 1905 Norwich Ice v Tigers SERL UEA
Sunday 29/04/2018 1900 Tigers 1 v City 1 Perse
TBC 29/04/2018 1900 Tigers dev v City 4 Perse
Wednesday 02/05/2018 1900 Training Perse
Wednesday 09/05/2018 1900 Training Perse
Saturday 12/05/2018 All day End-of-season play-offs Copperbox
Sunday 13/05/2018 All day End-of-season play-offs Copperbox
Wednesday 16/05/2018 1900 Training Perse
Saturday 19/05/2018 All day Senior Inter Area Oxford
Wednesday 06/06/2018 1930-2100 Outdoor Training CUP Cass Centre
Wednesday 13/06/2018 1930-2100 Outdoor Training CUP Cass Centre
Wednesday 20/06/2018 1930-2100 Outdoor Training CUP Cass Centre
Wednesday 27/06/2018 1930-2100 Outdoor Training CUP Cass Centre
Wednesday 28/06/2018 1930-2100 Outdoor Training CUP Cass Centre
Wednesday 04/07/2018 1930-2100 Outdoor Training CUP Cass Centre
Wednesday 11/07/2018 1930-2100 Outdoor Training CUP Cass Centre
Wednesday 18/07/2018 1930-2100 Outdoor Training CUP Cass Centre
Wednesday 25/07/2018 1930-2100 Outdoor Training CUP Cass Centre