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Weekly Update Mon 19 Feb 2018

After a week off, waiting at the Korfing bus stop, four matches came at once at the weekend. We had two Regional League (SERL) one Prem (NL) and a local league match for some new players for T4.

Let’s start with the re-scheduled SERL visit of Harrow on Saturday. Time stood still on several occasions (when it really shouldn’t) as Liv sat in the cockpit and got to grips with the shot clock control panel and all those confusing buttons (two buttons.) She will not be piloting any planes soon but was in the groove come the second half. We thank her for her efforts and take this opportunity to tell others to share the burden too. She was ably co-piloted by Tigers’ greatest armchair fan, Jacob Dawes, at her side. Jacob was mainly there to offer er, kind words of support and encouragement for his post-bound father, Jerram (in other words, to tut loudly, roll his eyes, sigh and tell his old man what he is doing wrong.) There was much to cheer from the Peter Pan of Korf actually, as Jerram recycled that ball like a big friendly dog fetching your stick and barking at you to throw it again (Throw it again! Wag tail. Throw it again! Pant heavily, Throw it again. Tongue lolling.) Keira actually works with big friendly dogs for a living at Wood Green animal shelter and frequently commands respect from her opponents – not because she bribes them with biscuits but more for her frightening fitness levels. She takes her opponents for long walkies and ultimately many of them lie down at the end of a match-up against her (without the belly-tickling) – as it was again this time. This match, though, saw her learn a few tricks of her own, dovetailing her attacking with Alex, who was pinging shots off like a wee brat with a new peashooter. Daisy, meanwhile, was trading goals like Panini stickers against her very athletic new opponent (Opponent: Swap you a Chris West, a Toby Clarke, a Rory Haughan and a Josh Dawes for one Kevin McGuinness. Daisy: Yeah right. In your dreams.) In other news, Jack-in-the-box Rhodesy and his notorious knees are training for the Cambridge half-marathon whilst playing SERL. The half-marathon is in two weeks and if you wish to pick him out from the crowd near the finish line, he will most likely be with the grandads trailing in on four hours if you wish to cheer him on. Just joking of course. The ice packs are out in force and Rhodesy has vowed to walk on his hands if necessary. Real Madrid will have to wait another season, though. Shout out to Jess Llewelyn too, Tigers’ very own Debbie Magee, who was our glamorous assistant on the score board. We all know that Jess is possessive about keeping scores and is none too pleased to have been a victim of cutbacks, watching a certain young bucko multi-task the shot-clocking and score-boarding tasks simultaneously. She won’t admit it but is silently determined to win the task back and was dolled up in her designer pumps, sparkly coat, Cashmere sweater and diamante-tipped scorer’s gloves, changing each score with a Carol Vorderman flourish and a sparkly smile. Ta-dah! Didn’t help us win, though. We lost by two. The boys needed to step forward more and we are still learning how to attack more cohesively, anticipating where the ball will be two passes ahead of time.

We won our SERL match the following day though – against KV’s second team. Rosie and Gracie had the korf in their crosshairs the whole match, finding space like IKEA designers and scoring at will. Rosie scored five and is climbing up the Llewelyn charts. Gracie had nearly as many but did have a near-death experience with a runaway Jerram to contend with too. TIGHT! TIGHT! TIGHT! ……TIGHT! TIGHT!…..TIGHT! That is the sound of Rob TIGHT!TIGHT! Haggart. A career as St Neots town cryer is there for the taking if Rob ever fancies it (and if such a job exists.) Or opera-singing. For such a softly spoken fellow, he has some set of lungs on him – and nerves of steel to put away penalties with the consistency he does. Meanwhile, it was the Battle of Bannockburn all over again as Ross Braveheart Thomson and his lucky sporren were pitted against ex-England captain and new England head coach Rob Williams (who, with his luxuriant beard, looked a lot more Scottish than Ross …… till he opened his mouth, of course.) I am happy to report a battle of sorts – a comedy race for the post, resulting in a game of twister under a wobbling korf, amidst a chorus of laughter and a Laurel and Hardy soundtrack. Hearts were in mouths near the end of the game as Tigers tore back into the opposition and raced ahead and the game was stopped for a potential injury to Jerram…but he was just running down the clock (joke.) 17-14 was the final victorious scoreline and plaudits to the girls for making full use of all the space. Kudos also to whoever brought the Jaffa cakes at half time. Not sure if that’s part of your five-a-day though. We are also looking forward to Cozzo’s upcoming stints on the shot-clock. He’s raring to go and has a special finger press-up routine all worked out to make sure he is warmed up. Don’t want any broken nails. Lurking in the background, eyebrows arched, sparkly fingers steepled, will be Jess, taking charge of the score-board once more, no doubt.

Let’s not digress though. The National League match was up afterwards. A few weeks back, Tigers travelled to Rochester and played fantastically well to earn a point in a 22-22 draw away to KV. KV are a strong team though, with some very tricky young boys, even trickier girls, an international captain and the new England coach in their ranks. They have also picked up as the season has gone on. This match was not a draw. KV won and although some of it may have been a bit down to their being a bit better, Tigers were just not as good as in the first match. Our boys were cancelled out by theirs and Chris did well to keep their strong rebounder under control. However, the damage was done by their rampaging girls – particularly in the second half. Too much space was afforded them to shoot and shoot they did. Come back, Jen! We missed you and your tight marking. A few divisional changes possibly disrupted the rhythm of our attacks too as players got used to anticipating the moves of their colleagues, whilst KV simply owned most of the rebound. KV are sponsored by Kier but Pirelli or Michelin tyres might be more apt for the remarkable grip their shoes seemed to have on our floor. There was more jinking, veering, whirling and stopping than in a ceilidh. And plenty of whooping, to boot. They were good for their 21-7 victory, but we need to make it harder for our opponents to shoot. There are yet more chances for points before a potential end-of-season decider at home to Bearsted. And the moral of the story is this: we know from our first season with the big boys that it’s not about how you get knocked down but how you get up that counts….so we must take these lessons into the two crucial matches in March with Birmingham, who we beat in last season’s play-offs but who have adapated a bit better to life in the Prem so far.

Leave it to T4 and a crop of new talent to save the day. Remember these names everyone (clears throat:) Sam Martin – scored first goal with a lovely long shot; Ollie Francis – two drop-off goals in his first game; Oscar Haines – first game and a one-man defence in the making (Youuu. Shall. Not. Paaasss;) Martha Llewelyn – scored a runner in her first game (sisters Daisy and Rosie well jeal, whilst other sister Grace thinking of coming out of early retirement.) T4 won 9-8 away to City 5. Yes. More of that please….against T3 this Sunday if you wish.

And what about the Grand Finals at the Copper Box in the Olympic Park in London? If you haven’t read Liv’s email……the Korfball Grand Finals will be held at the Copper Box arena in London on 12th and 13th May. The Grand Finals is a chance to see korfball at England’s highest level.

There are three components to the event happening this year:
• Teams at the top of the Premier League will play off to determine this season’s champions.
• There are also play offs for teams trying to get into the Premier League (this was us last year).
• Finally there will be a couple of youth games too – the finals of the U11 and U15 area competition.

Many Tigers will be there for both days. It is a fantastic and professionally run event and well worth going to. Zoe is organising a coach for the Sunday.  If you would like to take advantage of this offer then please follow this link and register your interest.  You can book tickets by following this link. Tickets are really reasonably priced and children’s tickets start from £4.  A few Tigers have already booked their tickets and are sitting around seats 90 in Block 111 (B) silver/gold section. Let’s make a big Tiger pack!

This weekend, the NL team have an early away match and the SERL team travel to Norwich. The under 14s are back on the scent of victory and the new kids on the block of T4 have a club derby against Zoe’s T3. That will be fun.

Sun, 25-Feb-2018 900 U-14s v Royals Cambridge Regional College
Sun, 25-Feb-2018 1000 BEC v TIG1 Whitgift School
Sun, 25-Feb-2018 1200 U-14s v City Cambridge Regional College
Sun, 25-Feb-2018 1440 NCITY v TIG2 UEA Sportspark
Sun, 25-Feb-2018 1900 T4 v T3 Perse School for Boys
Sun, 04-Mar-2018 1900 T4 v C4 Perse School for Boys
Sun, 04-Mar-2018 1700 NICE v TIG2 UEA Sportspark
Thu, 08-Mar-2018 2025 P1 v T1 Cambridge Regional College
Sun, 11-Mar-2018 1200 TORN v TIG1 Aylesford School Sports College
Sun, 11-Mar-2018 1330 TORN2 v TIG2 Aylesford School Sports College
Sun, 11-Mar-2018 1900 T1 v U1 Perse School for Boys
Sun, 18-Mar-2018 900 U-14s v Vikings Cambridge Regional College
Sun, 18-Mar-2018 1000 U-14s v Royals Cambridge Regional College
Sun, 18-Mar-2018 1245 TIG2 v CITY Perse School for Boys
Sun, 18-Mar-2018 1415 TIG1 v BIRM Perse School for Boys