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Weekly Update – Mon 09 April 2018

The weekend korf-weather review is brought to you by ‘Korf N Go’ – Wash … Win!

Hello. Well, we had some unsettled weather rumbling around various Tiger stomachs and heads on Sunday morning, resulting in slightly under-strength NL and SERL selections travelling away to play-off-qualified Norwich Knights (the Knights who say NNnnnorwich!) Swirling around the court at UEA Sportspark on a challenging Sunday was an area of intense high pressure from the opposition, particularly localized on Rory and one or two others, who got heavily buffeted, putting even Josh off his scoring game. The oppressive opposing front sank steadily southwards into the Tigers defence as the match wore on, confining us in the end to just 8 little raindrops against 32 thumping showers (hail and all) that rained down on us. But within the 32-8 scoreline we did have a few rainbows of our own to report: the clouds parted briefly and the angels sang as a returning James Northfield subbed on and scored the cleanest, purest long shot one can score, the ball arcing down like a ray of golden sunshine straight through the basket without a graze; Zen Mistress Alex yipped and squealed as she scored her first NL goal; Francis steadfastly refused to believe she had scored (Nee, onmogelijk, onmogelijk, she muttered all the way till the end;) after a blamming (technical term,) Ross dusted down his kilt and scored a screamer of his own. We hope to see further good news this coming weekend, with fewer opposition showers and more in the way of sunshine – especially on Sunday afternoon at the Perse – for the end-of-season showdown against fellow relegation strugglers Bearsted. Hopefully, we will be back to full strength then, with our globe-trotting contingency also back from their ‘fact-finding’ missions abroad, all ailments cured and hair freshly cleaned …. with Korf N Go (washing to win.)

After the stormy conditions of the National League encounter, the Regional League radar pictures from yesterday afternoon also show a good sprinkling of opposition showers, some of those heavy and even thundery in nature. Rosie, Jonny, Gracie and Hana did well to weather the conditions and even ventured out and scored a few of their own. Cool hand Luuk Bolander – our new resident weather vane – was gratified to be facing an opponent who was not taller than him this time. However, the squally Knight rain showers came from all directions thick and fast and proved reluctant to fade away (always the case down the North Sea coast.) 17-7 the final score there. We Korfed N Went.

Elsewhere it promised to be potentially a bit drier for T2 away to City 3, but there were mist patches floating around – particularly around a very busy and, by this stage, tired Luuk and Jonny (Korfed N Tired.) It took a while for the early afternoon Hills Road mist to burn away and it only turned dry and bright on occasions. The City cloud hung over a tired and a little haggard Tigers defence, with persistent opposition showers cropping up in the second half to end up winning 16-7. Never mind. We are all building and consolidating this season. And travelling. A lot. Luuk is obviously getting to see quite a bit of East Anglia in his short time with us. He has Littleport coming up soon too.

Temperatures will rise during the week, starting with training on Wednesday. There’s a balmy evening in store for T1 on Friday in a close and sticky Littleport Sports Centre. The mercury will rise even further through Saturday night- where many of us are in for a restless night – and onto Sunday, where you’d better bring some protection for what is expected to be the hottest on-court temperatures of the year so far. There may be a light build-up of atmospheric energy during the SERL match between Tigers and Bearsted, but there is the distinct possibility of burning in the NL encounter, tipping off at 1415hrs, when the thermometers may hit boiling point in the Perse (otherwise about 14 degrees when not exaggerating for dramatic effect.) Bring your factor 100 cream and vocal chords, everyone and don’t leave home without your vuvuzelas! And trumpets!

Fri, 13-Apr-2018 2020 L1 v T1 Littleport Sports Centre
Sun, 15-Apr-2018 1245 TIG2 v BEAR2 Perse School for Boys
Sun, 15-Apr-2018 1415 TIG1 v BEAR Perse School for Boys
Sun, 15-Apr-2018 1900 T3 v C5 Perse School for Boys
Sun, 22-Apr-2018 1730 V3 v T4 Ely Community College
Sun, 22-Apr-2018 1800 C2 v T1 Impington Village College
Sun, 29-Apr-2018 1900 T1 v C1 Perse School for Boys