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Weekly Update – 7 March

Sunday was derby day and unlike previous T1 T2 derbies, both teams were more or less fielding their regular starters.  So this match would really sort out those burning questions that so many experts from across the spectrum have been pondering this past year…..who is the better team and, more importantly, who is the best captain? Well, T1 and Alex are the short answers. 21-13 was the final score but T1 had home advantage and wore orange and James scored a few. Better shooting – that’s the difference…..and age. Most of T2 were wearing ‘trendy’ ripped jeans in the 80s, way before T1 (we also had mullets and perms but we won’t mention those, Jerram and Jess.)

T4 also had a nice victory on Sunday away to City 4 (helping their prospects of a promotion play-off perhaps?) Young Sarah Roberts had her debut and scored. In fact, most of the team scored in an 8-2 victory. Captain Caroline took it all in her stride though, quietly ticking another victim off her list of targets in the final push towards a glorious season’s end. She has her eyes on Division 2 next season I suspect.

Quick heads-up for two away matches in Ely on Sun 19 March for T2 at 1730, followed by T3 at 1830. We may need some non-status T2 players to volunteer for T3 duty straight after. T4 and T5 are playing at the same time at the Perse