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Weekly Update 27 March

The senior citizens of Tigers SERL team went on an outing to Kent on Sunday to take on the Bearsted Babes in a one-sided affair. Lucy and Francis tutted and agreed that the youth of today had no respect for their elders, so had a few boiled sweets each and scored. Ironically, it was Cozzo and James who threw their rattles out of the pram once or twice when things didn’t go their way and were sent to the naughty corner – by Dave Buckland, no less. Ah well, that’s one way to get noticed by the England coach. It was left to the Grand Dame of Korf, Liv, to uphold standards of class and sophistication, staying on court the whole match (in a game full of substitutions.) She hobbled to the end, joints creaking, back stiffening, Easter eggs melting on the sideline. Mother’s Day? Pah! Winner’s Day! 27-8 the score.

Winners abounded the whole day on Sunday in actual fact. T5 – or the under 14s and some bigger kids – kept up their high standards in a deserved 12-8 or thereabouts victory over City 5. Jonny Potter (not related to Harry) is a fine young wizard indeed. He’s got attacking instincts, as do the Rodgers twins, who are not identical in looks, but equally cool and collected (particularly when scoring.) Hard-working shifts put in by Eloisa, Sarah, Ella and Sam, allowing a swaggering Rosie to showboat with a few tricks of her to own to impress the Mother’s Day bench. Nick and Chris disappointed. They’ll need to work on their games.

Chris redeemed himself by hanging on afterwards to coach T2 to another victory and Division 1 safety. The Dawes boys insisted on turning up and cheering on their father, Peter Pan, from the sidelines – Josh sufficiently entertained to not go off and shoot hoops and Jacob happily pointing out lots of mistakes. As ever, Julie was enjoying a good laugh on the bench, watching her juggernaut husband ask many questions of a vocal -and occasionally winded – Phoenix defence. The best Mother’s Day was undoubtedly had by Mrs Clift, as her ‘special soldier’ Thomas popped a few in in another bravado display of rebounding and running (have to say this – he’s got good feet for a big lad – needs to get a signature, celebratory Robot-dance sorted out fast.) Canine-loving Keira sniffed out a few more goals – this is becoming a habit, Lucy needs to watch out in the scoring charts – whilst Run Jude Run er, ran. As ever, Grand Maester Billy was given the thankless task of marking the best player (thanks Billy well done – there you go, no longer thankless.) Hana picked up a few more invaluable tips there from her guru – just like Mr Miyagi and the Karate Kid. Wax on. Wax off. 14-9 to T2.  It’s looking like P1 in the relegation play-offs this season, but likely against Division 2’s second team, which happens to be P2 – that’ll be a short play-off, I think. Lions 1 are going down this season by the looks of things.

In Division 2’s other news, last week’s big winners – T3 – had a soft landing on Thursday night away to a strong Phoenix 3 side, who were looking to avoid the Division 2 relegation play-offs themselves. Alas, alas, alas….hard as T3 tried, the epic feats of Ely could not be repeated. Mateja burst through to earn a few penalties (much to her pleasant surprise and bemusement,) Tom danced past his defender at will and Steve owned the post….but most threats were snuffed out by a cannier P3 side, who opened up a lead in the second half that could not be closed. 11-8 the score there, but valuable lessons were learned in the process:  we must anticipate in attack better, stepping out to take the feed as quickly as possible, side-stepping and passing with the outer hand to beat a tight defender ….. and moving in and out of the post, mixing up the attacking options more. Plenty for Neha to consider on the plane over to Australia there. Hopefully she’ll come back with lots of fresh ideas. Interestingly, T3 are not yet officially in the Division 2 relegation play-offs. They are only 1 point behind Lions 2 so who knows what could happen there. Most likely opponents would be City 4, who have one more competitive match to play – away to Vikings 4 – so you would expect them to win that and leapfrog Tigers 4…..but stranger things have happened in Ely. Ah Ely …. we’ll always have Ely, T3 won’t we?

Older people! Sign up for a few evenings out to celebrate with Anne and Neha! They’ll be leaving us soon, so you will certainly want to have some food, drink and plenty of nerdy korf chat – the three essential ingredients to any good night out. Steve may even bring his guitar on both occasions (Ed Sheeran-free zone and Tom Waits requests only.) There is training and match play all the way up to Sunday 09 April and then it’s a week’s holiday. SERL people – don’t forget that Chris has organised a session for you on Sun 16 April in another hall and you will have extra pre-play-off training on Sun 23rdand Sun 30th during your 1400-1530 slots at the Perse.

Wed 29 Mar 2017 19:30 Training Perse School for Boys
Sun 02 Apr 2017 20:00 Tigers 3 City 3 Perse School for Boys
Wed 05 Apr 2017 19:30 Training Perse School for Boys
Fri 07 Apr 2017 20:20 Lions 1 Tigers 2 Littleport Sports Hall
Sun 09 Apr 2017 15:30 Norwich City 1 Tigers SERL UEA Sports Park
Sun 09 Apr 2017 19:00 Tigers 3 Phoenix 2 Perse School for Boys
Sun 09 Apr 2017 20:00 Tigers 5 (Dev) Phoenix 4 (Dev) Perse School for Boys