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Weekly Update – 27 Feb

The Batman and Robin roadshow was on tour at the weekend, Steve and Sam donning their outfits and taking the Batmobile up to Ely to turn out for T4, then burning some rubber to make it down to the Perse for a vital T3 match. The ‘criminals’ in the first instance were V4 and our swashbuckling duo were also a man down on their team (other non-status boys out on missions of their own, no doubt – in-laws to visit, houses to paint, pre-booked arrangements at the spa, etc) but still managed to rustle up a crew of their own have-a-go heroes to win the day. Smiling Assassin Alex ‘The Joker’ Valentine, Zoe ‘The Vet’ di Barro (you’ll never guess why she’s called that,) Jessie ‘The Dart’ Lewis, Laura ’The Modest’ Verasetegui and Liv and let die Harcourt……..all got on the score sheet as T4 boffed, zlonked and kerpowed their way past a dazed and confused opposition by 15 to 3 (readers of an older generation will understand the sound-board references.)

Cue the Batman tune and Steve’s Batmobile coughed, spluttered and eventually roared into glorious life as he and his partner in crime-busting, screeched out of Ely Community College parking (needle hitting the max 20 mph of course) and bombed it down to the first of many roundabouts, hitting 21mph on occasion. They arrived at Perse to witness a crazy T1 P1 goalfest. T1 borrowed a few T2 players (who shone, of course.) Harry Clift will be reading this with green envy as white-hot Tom tore into the opponents. Billy and Keira put in a grafter’s shift and welcome back James! We missed you. 16-16 the final score there.

That was the appetiser to the main course – T3 against L2 – and the second instalment of our duo’s daring deeds for the day. Much of T1 hung on to support, particularly as there now seems to be a fan club for young Sam. And why wouldn’t there be? Tigers’ very own Wayne Rooney can not only rampage like a bull into an opposition defence, but defend stoutly – as he did yesterday – against a first team player no less. Not to be outshone by the student, master Steve scored his first goal for T3 too and performed a jig and a manly roar (or a squeal of delight.) The Robot dance will be next, hopefully. Mateja and Harj don’t like to be left out of these proceedings either and sunk a few themselves. It was nip and tuck, especially at 9-9, but T3 won out 11-9 in the end and Neha will probably not now postpone her trip to Oz.

There’s a derby coming up next Sunday and T2 are currently tied on points with T1. Just saying, Alex and Rory.
Sun 05 Mar 2017 19:00 Tigers 1 Tigers 2 Perse School for Boys
Sun 05 Mar 2017 19:00 City 4 Tigers 4 Impington Village College
Wed 08 Mar 2017 21:00 Uni 1 Phoenix 1 Kev reffing University Sports Centre
Sun 12 Mar 2017 20:00 Tigers 3 City 2 Perse School for Boys
Wed 15 Mar 2017 21:00 Uni 2 City 5 (Dev) Kev reffing University Sports Centre