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Weekly update – 24 April

Huh..(gasp)…phew..huh …..huh…..(gulp, cough, splutter, spit, gasp again)…huh, huh….w..w..water..

….. like London marathon runners, this is the sound of some Tigers teams slogging their way towards a lengthening Korf finish line. It is most certainly the sound of Tigers 2 as they have apparently run their little legs out for most of the race. Like an over-enthusiastic pace-setter, T2 hared off into the distance with the Kenyans of City/Uni/MK/T1 in the first half of the season only to hit the wall at the March/April mile 20 mark, with no gels, no water, wondering why some of us (i.e. one of us) never turned up for practice more (guilty as charged) ….as the other competitors pointedly raise their knees, pump their elbows and lope past us, guffawing or shaking their heads pityingly. Offer their assistance as they might, we don’t need no SERL/T1 help (erm, any more….thanks Josh.) Keep your flash moves and fancy trainers and your hopeful Prem talk. We can finish this race by ourselves…….but….well… T2 tried to keep up with City last night, their slickness, quickness and accuracy was all too apparent and they proverbially lapped us, shall we say – twice or thrice actually. City were smarting after T1 narrowly beat them earlier in the week and are eager to win the championship this season. This victory over T2 may have sealed it for them as T2 stagger onto the final match of the season – chafed thighs and all – away to MK. Players will be sought in the coming days for that day out.

T3’s legs are in a similar parlous state towards the end of the season. They have just finished their marathon (or so they think) –  much to Harj, Steve and Jenny’s relief – but the marshalls have to inform them that they will need to do a small lap of honour as they are now in the Division 2/3 play-off against City 4 (probably will happen in mid-May but will confirm.) T3 lost out to P2 in the re-scheduled match yesterday afternoon, despite the best efforts of Tigers’ two Forrest Gumps for the day – Alex V and Jerram (who both later played for T2 and whose red, Tangoed faces complemented their kit perfectly.) Alex and Jerram’s washing machines must never be off, those shirts gets so much usage (unless their wardrobes are full of replica shirts – which I wouldn’t put past those Korf diehards.) T3’s defeat was also despite the best efforts of International Man of Mystery Louis, who announced his return to the Korf arena by scoring a few. Louis has been lurking at the back of the running field for a few months, but has woven his way through, waving to the adoring crowd on the sidelines (Mike) and broken the finishing tape with arms raised….with Steve not far behind of course, cajoling all the way. Book yourselves for another  game in the play-off chaps.

In stark contrast to the above, T1 started slowly, fumbling with their shoelaces and nipping to the loo, but are now sprinting to the finish line, helped partially by some eager SERL players wanting to hone their skills before the play-offs come around, no doubt. That said, Thursday night’s victory away to Phoenix owed much to the girls bullying their six-foot Phoenix boy opponents in the rebound. England starlet Rozza weighed in heavily with 5, Hat-trick hydrologist Chris scored 3, along with Head girl Daisy – deputy leader of the feared Llewelyn gang.

Sunday’s very entertaining T1 victory against title-chasers MK also owes much to the same ingredients. Quite a crowd showed up to see Space invader Becca dropping off at will and always free to shoot. She could find space in a vacuum, that one. It was level-pegging till the last 10 mins with shots flying in from everywhere and the glamorous assistants on the scoreboard could barely keep up ….when the gears were cranked up again and the hydrologist struck the shooting mains and pulled the trigger. Some great shooting all-round and great front defence; beseeching  hands from Jenny’s outclassed, ex- England opponent was the clearest indicator of T1 supremacy  and the margin was 3 or 4 in the end. It was pulsating  – as were a few foreheads (Maddy had quite a bit of running to do to keep up with her girl, poor thing – she even stopped smiling briefly – it was that tough a game.)

Finally (and not to be overshadowed) T5 beat C4, with the Rodgers twins entertaining us with a flurry of goals – looking forward to a few more years of that.

Now….other important announcements: Under 14s….well done for finishing fourth and above local rivals! Progress indeed!
Leicester Tournament on 15 July: see Liv’s email for details
End of season social:  see Cozzo’s email and vote for your preferred date
Premiership play-offs  6/7 May: Extra! Extra! Read all about it. Huge sound system and light show……oh, and korfball Listen. Get your tickets now and get down there! C’mon! I’m going too, for Heaven’s sake (and I work on Saturdays!)  Norwich Knights are sending a bus load down to support – a proper long bus, full of people supporting them.We can’t have that going unanswered. You can drive if you want if you don’t like buses though.

Finally, let’s not forget to thank the refs for showing up and keeping the games flowing…please shake their hands or just say thanks at the end of your match. Speaking as a ref myself who wants to get it right as much as possible, it’s very gratifying when the players and any ‘armchair refs’ on the sidelines (you know who you are) acknowledge your efforts in a positive way. If anyone wants to ref a few development matches and earn £15.00 for doing so, come speak to me (Kev) or Alex Z.

Training as usual on Wednesdays and here’s what’s coming up:

Sun 30 Apr 2017 14:00 SERL training Perse School for Boys
Sun 30 Apr 2017 15:30 Tigers 5 (Dev) Phoenix 4 Perse School for Boys
Sun 30 Apr 2017 15:30 MK Lakers 1 Tigers 2 Woughton Leisure Centre
Sun 30 Apr 2017 18:30 Vikings 1 Tigers 1 Ely Community College
Sun 30 Apr 2017 19:00 City 5 (Dev) Tigers 4 Impington Village College

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