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Weekly Update – 22 Jan 2018

A dearth of korf news over the last few days with relatively few senior matches being played by local teams. Tumbleweed rolled through the Perse gates, Impington was in lockdown, Hills Road deserted, Ely Community College a graveyard.  Senior korfballers gathered on street corners (Dutchie, Jenny, Rory, Northfields, etc,) hands shoved in pockets, shoulders hunched, looking for something to occupy their minds, gazing disconsolately, jibbering wrecks at the thought of a weekend of no korf. Celebrity Big Brother wasn’t going to fill that void.

Not for the youngsters though as the Inter-area tournament was taking place in Harrow! A fair old convoy of young Tigers, parents and coaches turned out for Cambridgeshire Under 17s, 15s, 13s and 11s. Well done to all who took part. No gold medals for the county but a silver for the geriatrics (the under-17s) and great showings all-round. A very big well done of course to the drivers and coaches, who made it all possible (and got their weekly fix of korfing action in the process.)

There are just a couple of matches to report on: T1 lost out to Uni 1 on Wednesday evening. If only we could have had this match at the start of the university year, then we would have strolled it. As it is, Uni have improved greatly, strengthening the rebound, running in logical directions now and recruiting some experience. Regardless, on chances created we deserved a draw but they were a bit more clinical with their mid-range shots. We were also a relatively young side against more confident-sounding and vociferous bigger kids (myself and Billy excluded here.) Great running from Becca and Nanon, great defending from Billy and Hana, great dropping off from Tom and veering from Jonny. Jude had a stalker to contend with but excellent support from Thermos-brandishing Mr Rowland on the balcony, quite rightly pointing out that they just shot better and got ahead of us early on. Excellent support on the sidelines too from Jess, the most reluctant substitute in the world (very good at keeping scores though.)

Some measure of revenge was gained on Sunday night, when T2 cantered to a very easy 15-2 victory against a less experienced Uni 2 team, who are still coming to terms with what constitues a penalty (we’ve all been there.)  With punishers like Rob (still without a nickname) Haggart and Tom McEnroe Clift taking those penalties, you are not going to stand much of a chance. They scored 8 penalties between them and all bar one of the Tigers’ goals in fact (that’ll keep Tom happy for a while – the headband may make another appearance soon.) A textbook runner for Jessie The Dart Lewis too. Honourable mentions to Professor Joe Moore, who was trying his hardest to settle some old scores against former student friends (it was personal.) A shout out too to the latest candidate for the Nick Armitage Award for Dropping Off the Post, Steve ‘Hopper’ Clarke, who did try hard to live up to his new nickname but did also collide with Caroline a few times in the process. Never mind. Trial and error. Mateja and Jen kept lobbing those shots up too but they kept sailing over. Those two hardcore mums just don’t know their own strength. Hard as nails, they are. Some power in those arms.

A key match awaits the National League team this Sunday. Bring the noise. There’s also Sunday evening double bill local league action at the Perse – just like the good old days. There should be a few goals scored there.

Sun, 28-Jan-2018 1415 TIG1 v NOM Perse School for Boys
Sun, 28-Jan-2018 1800 C1 v T1 Impington Village College
Sun, 28-Jan-2018 1900 T3 v V3 Perse School for Boys
Sun, 28-Jan-2018 2000 T2 v V2 Perse School for Boys
Sun, 04-Feb-2018 1245 TIG2 v KFISH2 Perse School for Boys
Sun, 04-Feb-2018 1415 TIG1 v KFISH Perse School for Boys
Sun, 04-Feb-2018 1900 T1 v V1 Perse School for Boys
TBC TBC TIG2 v HAR Perse School for Boys
Fri, 16-Feb-2018 2020 L1 v T1 Littleport Sports Centre
Sun, 18-Feb-2018 1245 TIG2 v KV2 Perse School for Boys
Sun, 18-Feb-2018 1415 TIG1 v KV Perse School for Boys
Sun, 18-Feb-2018 1600 C5 v T4 Hills Road Sixth Form College
Wed, 21-Feb-2018 2100 U2 v T2 Cambridge University Sports Centre