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Weekly Update – 22 Feb

Lots to report. Get your popcorn ready.

In a nail-biting first half (quite literally for one poor Tiger) against Kingfisher 2 on Sunday, the SERL team played with seven as the referee requested one player shorten their very nice and expensive new nails in the interests of health and safety (and envy perhaps.) That’s fair enough I guess, but Cozzo was raging as he had spent a fortune on the lipstick and curls nail and manicure package. So the claws were quite literally out ……and quite metaphorically out for Tigers as poor little Anne, our Dutch wondergirl, had to sit out for a minute, having received a bang to her eyebrow. Coming from the mean streets of Dutch korfball this was just a scratch for her and she gamely came back on with walking stick and guide dog (joke.) The second half was a different affair, though. Lucy and Josh were most annoyed by the first half shenanigans and decided to score six or so each – one for each little indignity and bruise suffered by their teammates. Oh, three cheers for Charlotte by the way, who hardly ever gets a mention but bounced back from her first half adventures on the sidelines by helping hammer a few er, nails into the Kingfisher coffin in the second half (it wasn’t Cozzo – I had you all tricked.)

Note: If you have access to music now, you should start playing Don’t Stop Believing by Journey.

(Cue guitar intro.) Who else shall we give three cheers to? Drum roll Team 3! That’s who! (” just a city boy”) Yes, Team 3 are struggling near the bottom of division 2 (“born and raised in South Detroit”) and suffered another dispiriting loss at the weekend to City 3 (“he took the midnight train going anywhere”). Poor old Neha and Jenny are at their wits end (“just a small town girl”), trudging around training and muttering alarmingly to themselves (“living in a lonely world”.) They can hardly sleep and have barely posted anything on Facebook in three days! No parties, no lifeboats, nada (“she took the midnight train going anywhere”). We must intervene and give Jenny and Neha a lift! Join me in supporting Tigers 3 for the rest of the season however you can, starting this Sunday at 8 against Lions 2 (building to chorus). It’s a good chance to catch up with P3, just above T3 in the able and put some distance between us and bottom club V3! Ear-splitting guitar solo. Remember – T3 is basically our fourth team playing in a division made up of second and third teams for other clubs, so staying up is an achievement. Tigers 3! Don’t stop believing (also, I don’t think we will have the safety net of a promoted Tigers 4 to fall back on.)

Talk of the devil, what about T4 and T5 then? Erm, well (nervous laughter)…I’m afraid things didn’t go too well on Thursday for T5 away to P4. Funnily enough, things didn’t go too well for T4 on Sunday against the very same opposition – a surprisingly strong P4 on both occasions by all accounts. Those twins were running around again causing mayhem for Tigers, who permanently thought we were seeing double (lovely chaps and very fair players though, I hasten to add.) P4 beat both T5 and T4 but we had a brace of goals for young Rosie to brag about to her sisters and goals for Sam (again… yawn ) and Laura our Colombian hotshot, who last appeared here about four months ago (a bit like number 44 in the national lottery draw.)

Highlight of the weekend of course was the highlight of the whole season so far – Tigers 2 (Cue the Rocky theme tune) took down league leaders and hitherto unbeaten City 1 on their home turf 7-11. I could go on for a long time but I wasn’t there (and we won again – erm, guys I am noticing a trend.) Most of the team scored a goal or two and it was only when City’s big guns subbed on that T2 actually pulled away. Top marks to Hana for keeping her very experienced opponent in her pocket. T1 were also playing and drew with V1 13-13, with a welcome return to the T1 fold to young Dan there. Apparently there was some fine passing but the ball just would not drop.

Final honorary mention and heartfelt thanks from me and everyone associated with the SERL team for Neha’s shot-clocking exploits this season. Your skills will be missed.

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Sun 26 Feb 2017 17:30 Vikings 4 Tigers 4 Ely Community College
Sun 26 Feb 2017 19:00 Tigers 1 Phoenix 1 Perse School for Boys
Sun 26 Feb 2017 20:00 Tigers 3 Lions 2 Perse School for Boys
Sun 05 Mar 2017 19:00 Tigers 1 Tigers 2 Perse School for Boys
Sun 05 Mar 2017 19:00 City 4 Tigers 4 Impington Village College
Wed 08 Mar 2017 21:00 Uni 1 Phoenix 1 Kev Reffing University Sports Centre