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Weekly update – 20 Nov 2017

Another busy weekend of world events saw TNN (Tigers News Network) correspondents go to the most unstable parts of the globe. Not the Kremlin or Zimbabwe for them, but Aylesford School Sports College, where the instability was in the soles of Tigers’ shoes.

The National and Regional Leagues teams lined up against Kingfishers 1 and 2 on Sunday and it could have gone better, shall we say. A raucous home support roared approval as their National League team (and contenders for the end of season play-offs) scored a quick ten unanswered goals, while Tigers got to grips (literally) with the playing surface. We shall not dwell on this point (no Bambi on Ice jokes, in other words) as there were two teams playing in the same conditions and one coped better than the other. However, a wise man said you must always seek out the seed of triumph in every adversity: Keira scored her first Prem goal; Jenny out-collected her much taller opponent; Josh played an excellent defensive game against a very dangerous opponent; Daisy, Lucy and others didn’t realise they were that supple until they unexpectedly did the splits….and the North Pole ice rink has just opened on Parker’s Piece so Tigers have a head start on the rest of Cambridge this Winter. 29-9 the final score. Their girls can fairly score the goals. Many of the same NL players then hobbled out for the SERL match afterwards against a mainly new set of Kingfishers, who proceeded to manage the conditions better and win 25-12. Never mind. Nobody said the first NL/SERL season would be easy. The harder the struggle, the greater the triumph (and bruising – as Oscar will attest.)

T2 were playing too, but disaster struck early as Mr A14 himself, Captain Alex Valentine, was delayed en route on his beloved favourite road.  Luckily, who should turn up early for the following match but Supersub Nick Armitage, who needed no excuses to don his orange cape and lycra suit, slip on the Tiger-logo underpants and take Alex’s place for the first half, trumpet-in-hand signaling the cavalry charge. He scored too! Other things of note: young Wizard Potter and Joseph Jolly Rodgers withstood tectonic level pressure to sink their penalties; buzzing bee Sam could not be swatted by his – yes, you guessed it – taller opponent, scoring in the process; Molly of the four fingers and Gracie ‘The Dart’ (younger sister of The Arrow) had lovely runners; Alex, when he did arrive, managed his now customary funky, one-handed, beauty, I mean; Mateja decided not to simply dominate her opponent this time but terminated her, whilst Jenny cut out those dangerous Phoenix runners with a few hard stares and an eardrum-shattering ‘Girl Feed!.’ T2 still lost though 8-11 – Phoenix just shot more accurately. A crestfallen captain Alex said afterwards that ‘it was a match we really should have won’ and ‘I’m never taking the A14 again’ as he whistled and laughed jovially all the way back up the A14.

T4 were playing City 5 after T2, featuring a roll call of upcoming talent: Ella Armitage, Joe Moore, Laura Verasitegui, Zoe di Barro, Sarah Roberts, Joseph Rodgers, Nick Armitage, Chris West (the last two obviously a bit of a surprise there.) Shouts out to Ella, who scored her first ever goal in a senior match for T4. The photo is being framed as we speak. Joe Moore played his first ever game for T4. Already the scouts are circling. Laura scored a bunch of goals. If only more Colombians would stop wasting time with soccer balls and pick up a korfball, we would be blessed (Korf que?) Zoe the vet was menacing all male opponents with her imaginary scissors. Chris barked orders from his beard and Nick was putting youngsters a quarter of his age to shame (pesky kids! Get off my lawn!) A half-time deficit was turned around to 11-9 victory after the young wizard Potter came on at half time with his spells. Thanks to all, and especially Nick and Chris, for orchestrating (and Liv for coaching, of course.)

Now, you’re not going to believe this but there are NO matches this weekend as the (already re-scheduled) T2-U2 match has been postponed once more from 26 Nov to Sun 21 Jan at 8pm (website will be updated in due course …and it’s not 7pm as the ref needs time to get there.) Fear not T2, you do have a match on Thursday week though:

TIG1 = National League TIG2 = Regional League

Thu, 30-Nov-2017 2125 P2 v T2 Cambridge Regional College
Sun, 03-Dec-2017 1800 C4 v T3 Impington
Sun, 10-Dec-2017 1120 CITY v TIG2 Perse School for Boys
Sun, 10-Dec-2017 1220 BIRM v TIG1 Woodcock Sports Centre
Sun, 17-Dec-2017 1245 TIG2 v NKTS2 Perse School for Boys
Sun, 17-Dec-2017 1415 TIG1 v NKTS Perse School for Boys
Sun, 17-Dec-2017 1900 T4 v V3 Perse School for Boys
Sun, 17-Dec-2017 2000 T2 v C3 Perse School for Boys