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Weekly update – 20 March

The clock ticks down, beads of sweat gather on brows, grimaces of pain, hands on hips, aching feet, nervous glances from the bench, a referee checking their watch a second time. The match: Vikings 3 versus Tigers 3; the score: 10-10. Almost certain relegation for the losers, increased survival hopes for the winners. Who would reach for their metaphorical pistols first?

Vikings would!

….but miss!

Desperate to avoid the drop and avenge an early season defeat to T3, a strong V3 led for most of this match but were pegged back near the end. Throwing everything at an orange wall, they huffed and puffed but couldn’t blow it down. What this game needed was the fitting denouement of a last second winner – a Mighty Duck, a hero to step forth and lead, an experienced pair of hands to grab that ball from the white-hot flames of battle and put it into that glowing yellow ring of er, plastic. That hero stepped forth…..the Accountant, the Bean-counter, the Club Treasurer, rising to the challenge and putting herself firmly in credit with the club by nailing a sizzler just as the referee put whistle to lips to blow for full time. Jenny has had many glorious highlights in her life (marriage, kids, etc) but this beats them all hands down (I don’t have a direct quote on that though, but I’m sure she’d agree.)  After a season going hoarse shouting ‘GIRL FEED GIRL FEED’ and chasing people for invoices, Jenny deserves this glory more than anyone. Everyone give Jenny a pat on the back the next time you see her…..and pay any money you owe. Honourable mentions to penalty punishers Jude and Tom, Mars Bar-wielding Harj Rai and 4-goal enforcer Hana – obviously getting a bit more joy running in for T3 there. We have her trained well on T2.

Speaking of Hana, Jude and Tom, they also made an appearance for T2 in the match before – so keen were they to get warmed up for the T3 Rumble in the Jungle. T2 were without their star captain (cough) and best player (heavy cough, splutter.) They were also without Jess, who was off knitting in Blackpool (we’re not all Korf Nerds on T2.) The earlier season match between these two saw T2 come of age in a battling draw.  This time round, T2 were taking no prisoners, leading all the way and winning 14-11 in the end. Six from Josh helped, but I’d like to think they did it for their captain…as they have done so during the other victories in his absence this season (the trend continues.) Another pat on the back this time – for Keira, who blew the candles out on her birthday cake but did not eat any, instead showed up to help the SERL team play a friendly against a CKA selection, then drove up to Ely and helped her beloved T2 to victory, showing immense discipline and iron willpower the whole day…before scoffing said cake.

Speaking of SERL, due to a cancellation and walkover against KV2, some City SERL players lined out in a friendly match at the Perse. Thanks to Carla Alf Gavin and Alex for helping there. Their reward was to play alongside Ross ChrisR Alex Daisy Charlotte and Keira (this week’s jack-in-the-box, who keeps popping up everywhere.)  SERL won by 5 or so. No bruises for Anne this time, who wore three jumpers under her orange shirt, just in case.

Friday night in Littleport saw a similar line-up defeat Lions in the L1-T1 encounter. Non-status Wests and Harcourts teamed up with some free-scoring Northfield lads (James rather enjoying his stint in T1, I think – another 5 for him) and Tiger’s very own Taggart, murrrdurrin’ fouls by scoring penalties at will (that’s Ross, by the way, for anyone who can’t read phonetic Scottish or know Taggart.) 20-9 the score there.

All that’s left is the T4-T5 encounter on Sunday evening.  ‘Little’ Nick Francis was there, as was Jessie, who played as a boy in order to mark Jonny. ‘Urggh yuk’ was the post-match quote (in reference to having to play as a boy but not in reference to Gentleman Jonny.) No prisoners taken either by Zoe ‘The Snip’ DeBarro, whose skills at subduing alpha male animals at the vet’s surgery transmit readily to the Korfball match. Poor Nick (who’s actually quite tall) came off second best in his 50/50 encounters with Zoe – as did the other T5 boys. Luckily for Sam, he plays on the same team as Zoe, so wasn’t unduly affected, even scoring one that didn’t touch the sides. His next trick is to play blindfolded whilst only running backwards. He aims to score at least three and then he will untie his hands.
Just a note to everyone that the Perse is closed for the Easter break from 10th to 17th April….so no training on Wed 12 April. Coming up training/games-wise:

Wed 22 Mar 2017 19:30 Training Perse School for Boys
Thu 23 Mar 2017 21:25 Phoenix 3 Tigers 3 Cambridge Regional College
Sun 26 Mar 2017 14:20 Bearsted 2 Tigers SERL New Line Learning Academy Kent
Sun 26 Mar 2017 19:00 Tigers 5 (Dev) City 5 (Dev) Perse School for Boys
Sun 26 Mar 2017 20:00 Tigers 2 Phoenix 1 Perse School for Boys
Wed 29 Mar 2017 19:30 Training Perse School for Boys
Sun 02 Apr 2017 20:00 Tigers 3 City 3 Perse School for Boys