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01 Oct 18: We’re back!

We’re back.

After an arid summer when the River of Korf was running dangerously low, the skies opened yesterday and korfing thirsts were quenched as the first few matches of the local league season got under way at a packed Perse. They couldn’t wait to drown themselves in the deluge, with a particularly thirsty Rob Haggart donning his wellies and wading in with three for T1 against current champs C1. Joseph Rodgers was singing in the rain, clicking his heels and jumping around the post to put away a few goals and penalties of his own. Ross rejoiced in the korfing elements, throwing his arms out and yelling to the skies in his coaching and captaining capacities, putting away a few penalties as sub at the same time. Young Chris West subbed on to slake his thirst for early season action too. Steady performances from a brolly-twirling Rosie and Jess, keeping the Llewelitage fan club happy. Stingray Bretell lurked menacingly in shallow waters around the post, observing and probing, whilst Clift-off threatened on several occasions too. Doubtless Rebecca and Tom will choose their moments to strike when their team needs the killer goal in future matches…..for T1 played within themselves and started with a comfortable 11-8 victory against current champs C1.

After that we had a few former T1 ‘greats’ (cough) line out for their new T2 side, content in the knowledge that they had left their former teammates in good (i.e. more skillful) hands. T2 lined up against T3 in the second Super Sunday encounter. Sarah Roadrunner Roberts meep-meeped her way to three running in shots before Martha got her measure. Scrappy Doo Sam (lemme at ‘em, lemme at ‘em) kept an increasingly weary Joseph on his toes and we had a first start for Rachael Watts, who managed to put two past Jenny (I fear Rachael’s bill has just gone up……just joking.) Other noteworthy things to mention were a well-celebrated goal from our Colombian connection Laura and a run-out for T2 for T4 captain Zoe, who played the role of Caroline’s shadow very well. It was also battle of the alpha males all over the court: Rutting Stag Clarke v Prowling Tiger McGuinness ended in a score draw; Bandaged Hero Adrian Haynes v Jerram The Mummy Dawes saw a narrow one goal victory for the man with the plastered thumb (Dawes;) Mighty Sapling Ollie Francis v Giant Redwood Nick (his dad) was a fun encounter too – each scoring one but defending successfully many more times. Hopefully Ollie will be taller than his dad for the return encounter. So we are up and running and things bode well for the new season. Lots more to come in future weeks but for the time being, it’s training as usual and the following matches in the next few weeks:

07/10/2018 T1 vs U1 Perse School for Boys 1900
07/10/2018 T4 vs U2 Perse School for Boys 2000
14/10/2018 Tigers U14 vs Bearsted U14 Cambridge Regional College 1200
14/10/2018 Tigers U14 vs City U14 Cambridge Regional College 1300
14/10/2018 T1 vs C2 Perse School for Boys 1900
14/10/2018 T2 vs T4 Perse School for Boys 2000
17/10/2018 U2 vs T2 Cambridge University Sports Centre 2100
18/10/2018 P3 vs T4 Cambridge Regional College 2115
21/10/2018 T3 vs C4 Perse School for Boys 1900
21/10/2018 T4 vs T2 Perse School for Boys 2000
28/10/2018 TIG vs BIRM Perse School for Boys 1245
28/10/2018 TIG2 vs NCITY Perse School for Boys 1415
28/10/2018 T2 vs C5 Perse School for Boys 1900
28/10/2018 T3 vs T4 Perse School for Boys 2000