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Weekly Update – 18 Jan 2018

Been a busy few days of roving and reporting, so – a little later than advertised – here is a quick summary of the events of the last week in Tigerland

It was Dawes versus Dawes at the weekend when Tornadoes blew into town (not off the Atlantic – from Kent.) In the first match, our SERL team lost out 14-17 to a very strong and NL-influenced Tornadoes SERL team. They eventually pulled away in the last few mins for a narrow win with the help of a few strong subs, but there is much to take away: Keira limpeted herself to her NL player, her terrifying footsteps furiously charging towards her at every opportunity (no lack of competitiveness there;) sexy korf was on display too with some elegant, foppish turnaround jump shots for Oscar and Rob, only beaten by Ross’s very dandy 180-degree fadeaway drop-off (purrs of delight from the Korferatti on the sidelines for that one;) Alex, on the other hand, took a kamikaze flying runner and scored (whip-crack,) but landed awkwardly and her ankle is now a big watermelon; Smiling Assassin Maddy also scored 4. The highlight of course was the short-lived Dawes vs Dawes encounter, when Jerram marked Jacob for a time. It is a parent’s duty to both embarrass one’s child and prepare them for the multiple challenges that life throws at them, which obviously prompted father to throw himselft through the air to blam son on as many shots as possible. Very cute (but not if you were Jacob, I suspect.)

The Dawes v Dawes show wasn’t done yet though. Old Man Jacob (17) quickly set the cocoa down and taped up the bunions to take on Tigers’ Goldenboy (and younger brother) Josh (15), fresh as a daisy and leaping like a young stag (in this impartial reporter’s opinion.) If you’re old enough, think Kramer vs Kramer (without the flares and sideburns,) Noel vs Liam Gallagher (again, withouth the flares and sideburns,) Klitschko vs Klitschko, Brownlee vs Brownlee or Scooby vs Scrappy doo, even. The NL match was a good old tussle in anyone’s language as Tornadoes – tipped for big things, coached by big names, stuffed with future England stars, heading for the play-offs, fresh from scoring 49 the week before and with an average age ssssslightly lower than Tigers’ – beat our NL team 27-18. Tornadoes twisted into an 8-goal lead in the first half, before Tigers braved the gales, hunkered down and actually drew the second half. Goldenboy had another great game, scoring 4 (3 more than his brother, who was obviously still scarred from the memory of his flying father bearing down on him in the previous match……and he had scored 12 in his last NL fixture, so he can dine off that for a while.) Rory got 4 and shot well again, but that’s what we expect from Rory of the Rovers now.  Lia obviously wants more mentions in the weekly update and having got the thumbs-up in last week’s write-up, went and scored 4, mostly from the outside. After this mention, we expect the same again. Wasted in Trojans, she was! Should’ve moved years ago! Chris was once more Germanic is his penalty-scoring, efficiently scoring 3 from 3. Liv, on the other hand, had stern words for a young and reckless Tornado, who blew wildly all over the court, bowling over the grand dame of Cambridgshire korfball unceremoniously in the process. Words were spoken and fingers wagged energetically! Pesky kids!

T2 were also playing on Friday, beating Lions 2 13-7. Professor Joe Moore did well again in what was still only his third or fourth match, buzzing around his much larger opponent like an annoying mosquito, but smiling and scoring goals. Rather like his hero Chris West, Cool Hands Joseph Rodgers was clinical from the penalty spot again, scoring from there and adding two more. Pretty much everyone scored in fact (just the 4 for Jonny this time.) Clarkologists will be disappointed to see no goals for Chief Clarke but he has vowed to come to training more to get back into the swing of things. The big news from this match of course was the swanky new sports centre that that has now replaced the old pile. No more head high passes hitting wooden beams any more. Not sure if the viewing public are able to drink pints of ale either…but I am sure there is darts still to be had next door and I am personally looking forward to T1 going on our jaunt there later in the season to check for dust, etc and see if there are hidden stairways, balconies, lavatories and turnstiles. We salute you and will miss you, Old Sports and Social Club.

V quickly, there was defeat for Tigers 3 against City 5 on Sunday but don’t yet have the full details of that, plus a 15-10 defeat for T1 against a fast-improving and better-resourced Uni 1 last night. Will provide details in the next update. Save to say we could have won but they are getting better.

Coming up this weekend it’s the Inter-Area tournament in Harrow and one local match – Tigers 2 playing Uni 2 at 8pm (yes, 8pm and not 7pm) at the Perse. Apart from that, rest up and charge your batteries as the following weekend sees the start of a very busy period.