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Weekly Update – 14 March

First up…… . Check it out. ‘Nuff said. Thank Liv and especially Neha for setting it all up.

Second, it’s a busy day on Sunday, with SERL playing at the Perse at 1415hrs, followed by T2 and T3 playing at 1730 and 1830hrs in Ely, ending with T4 playing T5 at 1900hrs at the Perse. We are looking for players for Ely (see the separate email on this.)

Third, tickets for the end-of-season play-offs at the K2 in Crawley are on sale and there are early bird offers ending on 19 March

In other news, there was some pushing and shoving at the final promo match of the season for the SERL team and none of it was to get Chris’s autograph, I’m afraid to say. Aiming to make a quick return to the premiership after relegation last season and hoping to avenge their early season defeat, Croydon got physical – not like Olivia Newton John  (look her up kids) but Giant Haystacks vs Big Daddy physical (again, look em up kids.) Poor wee Anne took the brunt again – as did the bench she fell onto – but she showed plenty of her own Dutch courage (not booze) to throw herself back into the fray. A 19-16 defeat there.

T3 played against table-toppers and nailed on promotion favourites C2 on Sunday and lost. City 2 are a handy outfit. Goals for Jen, Neha and the help, Dan. Another victory or two needed before Neha will allow herself go to Oz #winforneha

Fri 17 Mar 2017                  20:20                    Lions 1                  Tigers 1                                                Littleport Sports Hall

Sun 19 Mar 2017               14:15                    Tigers SERL          KwiekVicta 2                                      Perse School for Boys

Sun 19 Mar 2017               17:30                    Vikings 1              Tigers 2                                                Ely Community College

Sun 19 Mar 2017               18:30                    Vikings 3              Tigers 3                                                Ely Community College

Sun 19 Mar 2017               19:00                    Tigers 4 Tigers 5 (Dev)                                                   Perse School for Boys

Thu 23 Mar 2017               21:25                    Phoenix 3            Tigers 3                                                Cambridge Regional College