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Weekly Update – 13 Nov 2017

Buckle up. This is a long one. It was a busy, tiring weekend and the Tiger sleeps tonight (a-weemba-way.) Six matches played on Sunday: two under-14s, one National League, one Regional League and two local league matches for T1 and T4. I am so tired from all the action that I can’t think straight and will have to resort to lazy sporting clichés for a while.

And where better to start than the ultimate game of two halves: the National League match away to Nomads. Despite the name, a camel trek through the Sahara was not required for this away fixture. The Tigers did have a travelling caravan though – loaded down with water, bananas and aching joint cream. Surrey is a bit milder than the desert and there’s less sand blowing around, making Korfball a more popular sport there and easier to play. The ‘game of two halves’ refers to an ‘Oscar-winning’ performance by the young master Edwards in the first half (that’s the Oscar in ‘Oscar-winning’ by the way.) He gave 110% and his four goals helped Tigers to a 6-5 half time lead. Alas, you don’t want to score too early in these games. Goals win games and a few canny substitutions in the second half from an opposition bench laden with talent – most of ours were either injured, at the SERL match or gallivanting – turned the tide (helped by a few tall blokes around the post who knew where the goal was.) It’s a bit disappointing for Tigers as it’s a match that could have been won but the shots weren’t dropping – not a local gravitational anomaly but pure bad luck. If they’d been on target they would have been goals, you could say. 11-18 the final score there but the return will be a different matter, the fens being a world away from the desert. Oh wait, they’re from Surrey. Darn.

At the same time a convoy of Regional League players were making their way through the mean streets of Harrow, trying to avoid the gangs of pesky public school boys loitering on street corners in their blazers talking down to people (Oi! We’re from Cambridge! You can’t pontificate to us!) Playing in the black away kit – as Harrow also play in orange – took this correspondent a little getting used to in the beginning. The only other distraction was the screaming girls waiting patiently outside clutching photos of their hero, Flying Doctor Mat Hope. A few weeks ago Mat ‘coincidentally’ flew in from Kenya for the first SERL away game against Bearsted (i.e. especially.) This time he made the long trek from exotic and distant Walthamstow. Once a Tiger, always a Tiger, eh? And a sharp shooter, scoring three and ‘putting himself about’ shall we say. Young Rosie had the honour of marking the Harrow danger girl and she did very well indeed, trying to pin down a kangaroo on a trampoline, restricting her opponent to just the one goal and keeping her occupied in defence the whole match. Rosie likes to act all cool in training but deep down she’s a Korf swot. We like korf swots. Her mother was sobbing with pride in the other division (or arthritis, not quite sure.) Smiling assassin Maddy Gibbs had a good game, scoring 4 and creating havoc – as ever, blushing apologetically for doing so. The lucky sporren was there on the sidelines, helping Ross to three more, while heartthrob hydrologist and captain for the day Chris Rhodes was a one-man defence. The good-gripping floor was somewhat less grippy once Keira had finished running on it as usual, but she was happy enough with her one score and just the 20-odd miles of sprinting, cheerfully blaring out a soundtrack of Kiss FM as the convoy made its way back (the perks of being designated driver, eh?….not so sure about the singing.) As for the result, it was nip and tuck the whole way through, with the lead changing hands constantly. In the end it took a last-second equalizer from an Irish silver fox (some would say a young Pierce Brosnan) to salvage a 16-16 draw. Good game. Fair result. Good bunch, the Harrow guys. They should do well this season.

There were other games too. T1 played Phoenix 1 in a Sunday evening fixture at the Perse and the bench was heaving with parents, siblings and partners, all having a good catch-up….and Julie, who was ready for bed after a long weekend of Korfing action but insisted on being there to support her swashbuckling husband Jerram. A roll call of great Korfing Houses were present on the bench to lend their support (and to have a good chinwag having not seen each other in ages.) To a soundtrack of straining and huffing (mainly from the older Tigers and Jerram’s opponent) an intriguing match was played out, with the lead constantly changing hands. It would have ended in a draw were it not for a few late-minute Hail Marys thrown in from the halfway line (this correspondent calls it luck…but possibly the marking wasn’t tight enough.) Anyway, Phoenix are setting the pace this season after that 15-17 victory against T1. Shouts out to Becca and Hana, who figured out their bigger and more experienced opponents, switching in defence telepathically by the start of the second half (obviously all the exams they are studying for is keeping their minds sharp.) Honourable mentions to Drop-off Dan, The Arrow Lewis (flying straighter with every game) and spring chicken Billy, still showing those youngsters how it was done ‘back in my day.’ A bit more practice together and we shall have revenge in the return fixture!

The other local league match on Sunday was a City 4 Tigers 4 encounter. Tigers ran away with this, scoring bucket loads – young Sarah hogging the limelight there and stealing Jonny’s thunder. Some good outside shooting is the latest word on the street. This match was also marked by a match-up of epic proportions. With a combined age of over 200 (give or take,) the two grand maesters of Cambridgeshire Korfball – Rick Baldwin and Nick Armitage – pitted themselves against each other in a battle of wills, minds and knees. Think Saruman v Gandalf but less hairy and more softly spoken. Nick won this round but he is the younger man and Rick has seen off many young pretenders seeking total Korf-knowledge before. We should also say a quick well done to the Under-14s, who did to Harrow what the SERL team couldn’t, beating them soundly. They followed this up with a win against Norfolk Dragons and now sit at the top of the Under-14s National League on goal difference. Good stuff young Tigers!

There’s more stuff coming up – including outings for T2, a rescheduled match for T4 and an away trip to Kingfishers this weekend. The usual advanced training in Impington on Monday at 9 and club training at the Perse on Wednesday at 7. TIG1 = National League & TIG2 = Regional League

Sun, 19-Nov-2017 1900 T2 v P3 Perse School for Boys
Sun, 19-Nov-2017 2000 T4 v C5 Perse School for Boys
Sun, 19-Nov-2017 1515 KFISH v TIG1 Aylesford School Sports College
Sun, 19-Nov-2017 1645 KFISH2 v TIG2 Aylesford School Sports College
Sun, 26-Nov-2017 1900 T2 v U2 Perse School for Boys
Thu, 30-Nov-2017 2125 P2 v T2 Cambridge Regional College
Sun, 03-Dec-2017 1800 C4 v T3 Impington
Sun, 10-Dec-2017 1120 CITY v TIG2 Perse School for Boys
Sun, 10-Dec-2017 1220 BIRM v TIG1 Woodcock Sports Centre
Sun, 17-Dec-2017 1245 TIG2 v NKTS2 Perse School for Boys
Sun, 17-Dec-2017 1415 TIG1 v NKTS Perse School for Boys
Sun, 17-Dec-2017 1900 T4 v V3 Perse School for Boys
Sun, 17-Dec-2017 2000 T2 v C3 Perse School for Boys