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Weekly Update – 08 May


This’ll be a short one cause there’s not much to report. The BIG news of course is that there is training this week as usual…and there will be training on 17th…and keep 24th open just in case (will confirm asap.)

Other BIG news is that Summer training will commence at CUP Cass Centre on Wed 7 June 1930-2100hrs. I’ll provide more details closer to the time.

The BIGGEST news is that have a play-off game for T3 against C4 this Sunday 14th May 1200hrs (warm-up time) at CRC. Bring your plastic vuvuzela (Rosie,) your Tigers onesie (Phoebe) and your Go Tigers posters (Jonny Potter, I am talking to you) ….or not. Your parents may need you elsewhere or you might have homework to do…but anyone who can, should turn out to support T3 this Sunday as they try to stay in Division 2. Jenny needs you! Neha is already threatening to return from Australia to lend a hand, she is that worried about this match (don’t let the facebook photos deceive you folks – she’s tormented in Oz.) The other play-off for Division 1 status, incidentally, is on at the Perse 1400-1530hrs between Lions 1 and Phoenix 2, with Alex reffing. You can lend her your support there too if you like.

That’s it. Nothing else.

Oh wait…

I’m doing up my garden at the moment (trying to decide on whether or not to add a rockery)….

Just joking, Tigers have just been promoted to the Premier League for the first time on our history. For all the facts and figures read this…/ …. and then this…/
…..and if you want to actually see the deciding game you can watch this ​ />

Members will have also seen a lovely club email from Lucy, humbly leaving out herself as one of the main forces behind the promotion drive. As Lucy says, there will be much more exciting stuff to do in the coming months, which is why I am signing lots of people up to do a reffing theory class and test and I will persuade one or two extra people to shot-clock to help out too. More on that later (when you least expect.)

See you all Wednesday (vuvuzelas optional.)

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