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Weekly Update 06 Nov 2017

After feasting on some early season treats, many Tigers licked their claws clean, groomed their whiskers, yawned and slept this weekend. Not the ‘Flanders Five’ though, most of whom were off flying the flag for England Under 15s and 17s (flying high and strong by all accounts.) No doubt young Gracie, Jonny, Joseph and Josh enjoyed their experiences, particularly with a win and draw on day 2 for the under 15s (and got their homework done on the long drive home.) The fifth Tiger to participate was none other than Flying Scotsman Ross, who lined up for Scotland against various Flying Dutchmen (one for all you trainspotters out there.) Ross was disappointed to learn that his lucky sporren wouldn’t be allowed by the refs though.

Dreadful puns coming up now – you have been warned. Being Sunday 05 November and being the only Tigers team playing, T2 ‘struck the match’ (groan) under the visiting Lions defence, lit the orange fuse (oh dear) and scurried off to defend doggedly, fingers in ears (well, up defending I should hope.)  Oohs and aahs emanated from a wide-eyed Coach Cozzo and his subs on the sidelines as seven little pairs of Catherine Wheel legs (and those of Nick Francis) spun furiously around the court, darting, hovering, bursting from one side to another. Spectacular shots soared into the heavens of the Perse and returned to earth through the basket nine times in total for T2, whilst seven little snaps popped in for the opposition (just as effective though.) Good Golly! Miss Molly gets another mention, sparkling again with her running in shots, making the opposition pay three times; a few detonators from the Nanonator overcame her much taller opponent; yet more dazzle from the Llewelyn firework production line (a very eager-to-play Rosie) and some no-nonsense, traditional old-fashioned party poppers from ‘Big’ Nick Francis – stepping into the shoes (several times over) of the absent Flanders posse – and Wielder of the Flaming Piggy Bank, Jen (Club Treasurer in other words.) Of course the Pocket Rocket himself (Sam) couldn’t help but score too on such an auspicious evening, leaving a trail of sparks on the floor as he tends to do once you set him off (poor caretaker.) 9-7 the score but could/should have been more (er, shooting practice anyone?) and T2 could make if 4 wins out of 4 come the end of November.

Now, a very busy weekend is coming up (see below) and there are re-scheduled matches in the next few weeks for T4 and T2 too. The usual training – Advanced in Impington on Monday at 9 and club training in the Perse on Wednesday at 7.

TIG1 = National League and TIG2 = Regional League.

Sun, 12-Nov-2017 900 U-14s v Harrow Cambridge Regional College
Sun, 12-Nov-2017 1000 U-14s v Dragons Cambridge Regional College
Sun, 12-Nov-2017 1215 NOM v TIG1 Epsom College
Sun, 12-Nov-2017 1330 HAR v TIG2 Harrow Leisure Centre
Sun, 12-Nov-2017 1900 T1 v P1 Perse School for Boys
Sun, 12-Nov-2017 1800 C4 v T4 Impington
Sun, 19-Nov-2017 1900 T2 v P3 Perse School for Boys
Sun, 19-Nov-2017 2000 T4 v C5 Perse School for Boys
Sun, 19-Nov-2017 1515 KFISH v TIG1 Aylesford School Sports College
Sun, 19-Nov-2017 1645 KFISH2 v TIG2 Aylesford School Sports College
Sun, 26-Nov-2017 1900 T2 v U2 Perse School for Boys
Thu, 30-Nov-2017 2025 P2 v T2 Cambridge Regional College
Sun, 03-Dec-2017 1800 C4 v T3 Impington