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Weekly Update – 02 May

Have You lost contact with old Korf friends?
Are you looking to renew old Korf acquaintances?
Then you need THIS: an end- of-season mid-table away game in Milton Keynes! You catch up with everyone that way, boosting your list of Facebook friends and adding countless phone numbers to your address book. Speaking of, shouts out to poor old Tom Kim and Josh Lewin, working for their uni exams in the bar…uh…library..but how football final-playing Kempo, bridesmaid Bex VB, out of the country Mat Hope and Bristol- bound Amy couldn’t get out of their prior engagements I just don’t know! Tuh! :)
Ah well, as one door closes, another opens….for T3/4 stalwarts Alex and Sam, for debutante Caitlin Jackson Corbett and for Francis the flying Dutch woman, who found herself in a tug of love drama this weekend between suitors from T1 and T2. She wisely opted for the more charismatic T2 (who wouldn’t?) and was all set to mark the league’s top scorer as a reward…..
Unfortunately we didn’t know what the league’s top scorer actually looked like so that honour accidentally went to new girl Caitlin. Not a bother on her, though – having plied her trade in Yorkshire against clubs called Snakebite (Lions? Tigers? Pussycats, more like), you would expect her to be unfazed anyway. We had the youth and experience from T2 stalwarts Tom, Kev, Billy and Jess (Tom’s wily 16-year-old shoulders blending nicely with the youthful exuberance of the other three Peter Pans.) We also had Sam’s mum, Gill. Behind every great man is a great mother, furiously noting down all the goals their son scores….and score he did…five times the ball smacked the back of the basket and many more times did his defender look bewildered. 7-7 at half time turned into 18-10 for MK in the end, though, when the top scorer got her shooting hands on and we ran out of ideas. The lessons: better shooting, stronger rebounding, cloning Sam (if Gill approves.)

Alex and Sam’s Excellent Adventure continued, when they motored back to Impington to play for T4 against C5 development team. There was nothing excellent about Anne-Marie’s ankle, which got trodden on and injured, nor Steve’s vertiginous task of marking someone hopelessly taller than him (he bitterly regretted leaving his emergency pogo stick in the car.) On the other hand there was plenty of excellence from Anne-Marie and Alex’s collecting, Alex’s couple of goals, Sam’s defending, Jessie and Johnny and their little one-two’s and Caroline’s stepping back into the fray after coming off – Captain Fantastic. Alas it slipped away a bit in the second half, with City winning 9-5 but development is what it’s all about. Unfortunately, T5 didn’t get much chance to develop their stuff against P4 due to a lack of opposition, doing some inpromptu training instead. Regardless, it’s been a very productive season for t5 – the youngsters (and older boys) done good.

T1 wrapped up their hectic Wacky Races run-in with a convincing win over V1. They didn’t catch the pigeon though, City 1 just keeping their heads out in front in the league standings. Thomas (the very energetic one) and Christopher (the bearded one) getting some valuable shooting practice in before the play-offs (notice I could have said Dastardly and Mutley there but I didn’t.) Unfortunately, the SERL team will have to do without James, who is sadly out injured. Really bad luck and we hope he recovers well to participate next season.

Coming up…….drum roll……
Training on Wednesday as usual and then….another drum roll….
The play-off on Saturday and Sunday in Crawley and then…..drum still rolling…..
Training the following Wednesday! Krr-tish!

Will let you know the exact dates of last indoor training and first outdoor training sessions very soon and when the T3-C4 play-off will be.

And well done Hana, Becca, Josh, Coach Rory and Captain Daisy for the silver medal in the Under-19s Inter Area competition at the weekend.

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