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Tues 19 Nov 2019: Tigers In Need

It was Children-In-Need at the weekend, in which money and resource was donated to many great causes. Likewise, Tigers were in need at the weekend: of national league action (after a hiatus last weekend;) of shot-clockers (hobble forward and take a bow, Francisca Wollerton;) of players to help T5 and T6 on Sunday evening (step forward Holly Rowland, Tigers’ very own Rylan Clark-Neal, who did her own marathon charity event for the club….of sorts.) Unbeknownst to all of us, we also needed a few refs for some commitments, but step forward Chris Brown of Vikings (who possibly won’t read this but was admirably objective in penalizing his own club merrily for any infraction) and Sian Mawditt, who gamely covered a match for us at the last minute (in her jeans, no less – good job she had her emergency whistle with her.)

Moving on, T1 lost the national league encounter to Bec 19-29. The defeat was expected but the narrow margin of it was not (or maybe it was and we are getting better with each game.) Lots more goals for Top-of-the-class Toby (who’s a teacher – hence the dreadful play on words,) ably supported by Gracie, Caitlin, Andy, Josh and Laurie. There were important support functions provided by Liv and Keira and a free refereeing consultancy service provided by King of Chat Harry Andrews (alas, his advice was not sought after by the ref.) Top marks for support functions are awarded to Dutchie, fast-tracked, graduate management-style, into the shot-clocking role and delivering a flawless performance. Unfortunately, Francis has injured her ankle and can’t play. Keep those fingers wrapped in cotton wool, I say. Francis will need an apprentice too, so to all budding shot-clockers: we want you! We shall pursue our graduate shot-clocker programme further in training.

In other news, T4 faced up against V1 with nearly all our regular line-up, missing only pocket rocket Sarah Roberts, ably replaced by legal eagle Catherine Weller – a lady much read in Korfing lore, with much valuable experience and a deft korfing sleight of hand (future Sarah, in other words.) There were tectonic encounters under the post, as a few old (and sweaty) continental korfing plates vied for supremacy; the earth literally shook as the post moved and swayed a few inches from time to time (which Sam S believes may have denied him a few more goals.) Vikings played up a few younger players and welcomed a returning oldie or two and they may well pose a greater challenge in the weeks or months ahead. However, they collectively could not overcome the guile and nous and possession-based play of the older heads, the accuracy of Sam S, the relentless energy of Sam O and hell hath no fury than a jewellery-deprived Ella, who was brazenly asked to remove her earrings by a Viking and who terrorized his division the entire match afterwards. His card is marked. A shout out to water-carrier for the day, Holly Rowland, whose charity 24-hr Korfathon for Tigers-In-Need saw her warm up for her evening games by helping Ella on her revenge mission. Final score was 11-13 and was closer than it needed to be, with a few late goals for Vikings. Still – good game management from the all-seeing Carswell/Sadat/Armitage Axis.

We had a double header on Sunday evening at the Perse, with T5 up against C4 in a wildly entertaining and attack-minded encounter. There was plenty of support on the bench, with a phalanx of armchair generals in attendance: Francises, Harcourts, Wests, Armitages, Telekis, Carswells – shouting support and instructions. I jest. There was good-natured banter all-round. T5 won this one 14-8 and are showing how a settled side is an effective side. There was good understanding all-round with Adrian directing traffic from under the post and Jen swapping her rolling pin for a conductor’s stick. ‘Little’ Nicky Francis popped up/reached up to flick in a few rebounds against his poor, leaping and clasping opponent. Mateja has now most definitely added running in to her repertoire of skills (relentless stamina and scorched-earth passing being two of the other skills.) Leo and his trampoline trainers leapt for his life in attack and how he only scored one I don’t know. Lurking around the outskirts, to the left (then right,) behind you (then in front) was Cool Hand Luka – lethal from six metres and still working on his murderousness from shorter distances (from where he’s still a softie and looks to give others a go.) Short of willing the ball in with his mind (joke coming,) I don’t know how he shoots so accurately (wait for it:) 2 for Luka in this one but 22 off the rim and countless goals from the rebound as a result. I’ll say it if nobody else will; it’s like Teleki-nesis. There you go. We have telekinetic powers on the team. Meanwhile, Holly rampaged once more in her 24-hr Korfathon, raising applause and nodded agreement as she ran for glory…and scored. Most people scored in fact. We’ll have to get a few more goals for Caroline in the next match. It’s building though. Mount Caroline will erupt goals soon.

Zoe’s T6 starlets then took their bow and while there were a few established stand-ins for absent stalwarts Burden, Edmunds and Clarke, we still had a good T6 core in the starting line-up: DeBarro, McArthur, Castaigne, Teleki, iArmitage Number 3 (Phoebe) and Robo-Biermann 3 (Lina) tore into a mixed-level Phoenix 3 from the start and set the pace. While Holly was receiving emergency smelling salts and goodwill messages on the sidelines, the world’s press corps were busy recording the event for posterity. Selfless Max said ‘No More Mr Nice Guy’ and selfishly scored twice (hooray;) Zoe, Leo and Phoebe passed plenty to the sides (almost as if there was a voice telling them to do so;) Luka popped a few long ones in but his young opponent improved throughout the game and they eventually reached stalemate; Lina performed splendidly too, overcoming the awkwardness of playing in the same division as her mother for a whole half (they linked up very well indeed.) Holly was wheeled on in the second half for Mateja and hobbled in a few, raising thanks from all and a few mentions in this update, banishing the ghost of her brother Jude in the process. Who needs roller hockey anway? Pah! Mission accomplished, Holly! You can put your feet up now. As for the result, this one could have gone either way too. With 5 minutes to go it was 7-10. After a timeout it suddenly went 10-10 and cue a frantic final minute with pinball attacks and many close calls but ultimately it was another long shot from Phoenix that clinched it – 11-10 to them but a good experience for our sixth team against slightly more experienced opponents.

Talking of experiences against slightly more experienced opponents, Tigers U-14s took their bow against the well-drilled and efficient Kingfisher and Tornadoes U-14 teams…and performed very well indeed in going down 10-7 to the former and 16-8 to the latter (led by the England coach, no less.) Bravo to our own coaches and to our newer players for whom this is a new experience. Those were the toughest games you’ll play all season and you will get to measure your progress against them again later in the season. Do also bear in mind that each of those teams won their other games by 10+ goals.

Littleport for T3 on Friday and then it’s a big day on Sunday: key National League encounter against Nomads and derby day: T5 v T6  and T4 v T3.

Fri 22 Nov 2019 20:20 Lions 1 Tigers 3 Littleport Sports Hall
Sun 24 Nov 2019 12:45 Tigers 1 Nomads Perse School for Boys
Sun 24 Nov 2019 14:15 Tigers 2 Bearsted 2 Perse School for Boys
Sun 24 Nov 2019 19:00 Tigers 5 Tigers 6 Perse School for Boys
Sun 24 Nov 2019 20:00 Tigers 4 Tigers 3 Perse School for Boys
Sun 01 Dec 2019 12:45 Tigers 1 Norwich Knights Perse School for Boys
Sun 01 Dec 2019 14:15 Tigers 2 Norwich Knights 2 Perse School for Boys
Sun 01 Dec 2019 16:30 Vikings 3 Lions 2 The Hive Leisure Village, Ely
Sun 01 Dec 2019 18:00 City 3 Tigers 4 Impington Village College