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Sun 01 March 2020: Long lost Missing Updates found!

Keen korfing detectives have been scratching their heads over the last few weeks over The Case of the Missing Updates. No arsenic, no kidnapping or sudden memory loss – just a dose of work, a wee break and gale-force winds making it hard to take match notes and putting us behind with the reporting. At least we have had a steady stream of other updates to keep all you news-hungry, insta-korfers satisfied (our Sunday night round-ups, 25th Anniversary tournament talk and hoodie heaven, to name but a few.)

Since the last round-up, T1 have played 4 games, winning two and losing two and sniffing around the fifth position till this weekend. The fleeting glimpse of a play-off chance was firmly cut off from view by Norwich Knights, though. It was a fun thought while it lasted and it’s a dual with KV for firth and sixth now – still a distinct improvement on 9th and 10th of recent years. The recent 24-23 victory against said opposition encapsulated the tight nature of the battle. A quick resume of recent stats shows an outrageously high number of goals munched by Korfing cookie monster, Toby Clarke, plus a few more appearances for Mainstay Molly Rodgers – part of the T1 furniture now (a comfy chair or a Tiffany lamp!) We have had a few more appearances for reliable roadies Sian, Harry and Jonny – there through thick and thin, wind and rain. As for this weekend’s 14-38 oddity of a loss to league leaders Bec…..sure, Liverpool were thumped by Watford too! You can’t second guess these things. Everyone deserves an off day.

T2, meanwhile, have been chipping away in the Regional League, gaining valuable experience at the hands of seasoned, battle-scarred oul’ warhorses and old-timers who are winding down their own korfing careers but still feel compelled to turn it on one last time against plucky Rob, Jess, Harry, Alex and the ‘yoof.’ Call it nostalgia or stubbornness if you will but it’s mainly just living off the fumes of the glory days…all for the love of the game. Anyway, a few more narrow defeats but moral victories at the same time against KV2, Knights 2 and Harrow. Who cares where they are situated in the SERL division anyway. If you’ve never failed, you’ve never tried said Albert Einstein and Chris West – both great men in their own fields.

T3 are clinging on at the top of CKL Division 1 despite a ‘kinda’ shock defeat at City 2 the other weekend. I say ‘kinda’ cause City 2 are a bit of a misnomer and are currently ahead of City 1 and are a formidable little unit themselves. T3 had to pull those socks up against a challenging Lions 1 to stay ahead of the pack this weekend and they sure did that, winning 17-10…..which we will have more details of next week.

T4 continue to amaze the doomsters and naysayers of course, delighting the crowds, staying ahead of both Vikings teams and clinging onto Lions and City 3 in the hunt for mid-table stability/mediocrity. The chance to move up the table presented itself once more with a visit to City 1 this weekend and it was looking good at 12-12 with less than 10 mins left until the well of ideas and energy started to run dry and City popped in five in a row.

Topsy turvy T5 have done it all though – snatching a draw from the jaws of defeat against Lions2, thumping Uni2 and then being pipped mid-week by Uni 1. That loss to Uni 1 hurt, though. It puts Uni in the driving seat for promotion and T5 down to third, according to Armitage Spreadsheets Incorporated. Boss Haines has other pressing matters too and will be taking a back seat imminently…..which makes for a timely CKL Division 2 welcome to new boy Qasim Alli. There’s plenty more of that roller-coaster Wacky Races action to come, rest assured. Expect other captains to come sniffing around now that there’s a new boy in town (I believe Zoe has already been on the poach.)

Speaking of, Zoe’s army (and T5’s close cousins,) T6, have been racking up the victories in Division 2. They’re on a roll. Not even a lock-out at the Perse can stop them when they have the bit between their teeth. Two quick matches against Uni 2 (who must be sick of Tigers by now – particularly the trident of Tommy, Leo and Luka) as well as an impressive win at City 4, have seen them creep to fourth in the table. Pity about the 7-10 defeat this weekend to Lions 2 but we’ll wax lyrical about that next week and maybe mention one or two more new players, who may be thrown into our wonderful and mysterious world of magical korf.

We shall endeavour to update a little more often once more (and perhaps even show up at training a little bit more with pen and notepad to take notes – miracles do happen.) For what it’s worth, here’s what’s coming up:

Sat 07 Mar 2020 12:30 Bristol Thunder Tigers 1 Bristol Grammar School
Sun 08 Mar 2020 13:00 Tigers U14 Tornadoes U14 Cambridge Regional College
Sun 08 Mar 2020 14:00 Tigers U14 Norwich City U14 Cambridge Regional College
Sun 08 Mar 2020 14:30 Bearsted 1 Tigers 2 Victory Academy
Sun 08 Mar 2020 19:00 Tigers 5 Phoenix 2 Perse School for Boys
Sun 08 Mar 2020 20:00 Tigers 3 Vikings 1 Perse School for Boys
Fri 13 Mar 2020 20:20 Lions 1 Tigers 4 Littleport Sports Hall
Sun 15 Mar 2020 13:30 Nomads Tigers 1 Epsom College
Sun 15 Mar 2020 15:30 Bearsted 2 Tigers 2 Victory Academy
Sun 22 Mar 2020 12:45 Tigers 1 Trojans Perse School for Boys
Sun 22 Mar 2020 14:15 Tigers 2 Bearsted 1 Perse School for Boys
Sun 22 Mar 2020 19:00 Tigers 4 City 3 Perse School for Boys