Senior teams

Senior Teams

National League Team

This is the club’s highest level team that plays matches in the top tier of English Korfball. Gaining promotion at the end of the 2016/17 season, Tigers NL team had a testing but ultimately successful first season in the EKL Premier Division, holding their own against the traditional powerhouses of London, Kent and Norfolk teams. Matches are usually played on Sundays between 1000 and 1600hrs.

Regional League Team

The South East Regional League (SERL) feeds teams into the National League Promotion Division, who then compete for the opportunity to be promoted to the EKL Premier Division – the top domestic league in England. With a National League team already in place, the Tigers SERL team features experienced players alongside younger counterparts who wish to improve and play at the highest level.  Matches in these leagues are played on a Sunday between 10-4 and are played in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Buckinghamshire, Kent and London. As many National League teams also have their own regional league teams, SERL fixtures between clubs are organised directly before or after the National League fixtures, allowing less experienced players the chance to see – and perhaps play against – established England internationals.

1st CKL Team

Tigers 1 CKL team plays in the 1st division of the Cambridgeshire Korfball Association (CKA) local league. Players attend our advanced training alongside the NL/SERL squad. Current teams are a great mixture of some of our most “experienced” players and our younger talent, including England youth players in all youth age groups.  This team provides an excellent pathway for young and talented players looking to develop, as well as an opportunity for experienced players to play at a highly competitive level.

2nd and 3rd CKL Teams

Tigers’ 2nd and 3rd teams play in the 2nd division of the CKA local league. These are teams for more recreational players and for our youth players who have recently been promoted from our Junior club (13 and under). Players often get a chance to play up to gain experience in the 2nd team.  Typically, players in these teams do not attend advanced training. However, along with the 4th team players they have their own tailored tactics training between 19:00-19:30 at our Wednesday training session.

4th CKL Team

- Development Team

The development team is comprised of newer players and youngsters who have just been promoted from our Junior club.  This team has special status that allows any player to play in its games.  As a result, we ensure that new players are able to play with experienced players from our top-3 teams, this helps to ensure that new players are given structure and direction at the beginning of their Korfball career. The matches are played like friendlies, with the objectives being to hone your skills and have some fun.