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Mon 28 Oct 2019: Super Sunday Mark 1:

Back from its own half-term break, the weekly update has a bit of ground to cover. We have had our first ‘Super Sunday,’ with a few tricks, many treats, lots of hairy encounters and some very bad make-up.

We begin with T6 – not the latest in the Terminator film franchise, but the latest incarnation of our production factory, our introductory team, our Korfing allotment, so to speak – this year being manured, mulched and fertilised by Zoe and Joanna (yuk!) As ever, T6 has a selection of new first round draft picks on show this season to keep last year’s newbies honest and the veterans revered: young Edmunds and Biermann popping up to remind Messrs Teleki, McArthur and Armitage that middle age isn’t far away – while Clarke, DeBarro and Burden look on and sigh wistfully (whilst rubbing their aching limbs.) A few of our other former T6-students drop in occasionally from time to time to help out as was the case in their first match – a narrow 9-10 defeat to the very experienced Phoenix 2. Young masters Hindle and Castaigne knocking in six goals alongside Jedi master Armitage and senior apprentice Oldham. We had debuts for Lina Biermann (now there’s a famous name) and a return to the Korfing fray for mother Mateja Jamnik Biermann and her rocket-propelled arms. There were scorched palms everywhere as the high velocity Biermann passes scorched the Perse atmosphere. We had more of the same yesterday too when T6 took on City 4 in their second match of the campaign. A little light on detail at the moment but a few wounded knees and burst blood vessels aside, the 6-4 victory here on top of the first match against P2 and it promises to be a decent season ahead for the team formerly known as T4.

Apart from that, the ear-splitting hip-hop was in da house on Sunday afternoon too. Yes, Chris and his ghetto blaster rocked up with his NL homies to coach the National League team to victory against fellow, recently-promoted Bristol Thunder. This was an important match to win as the draw from the same encounter early last season set Tigers up for a nervy few months of looking over our shoulder to check on pursuers. According to some sources, all you need to know is that Liv scored a one-hander, but there were also hatload for Toby, Josh and joint husband-of-the-year award winner Andy. We also had a penalty won and scored by Caitlin in a new and novel rule change this season, whereby whoever wins the penalty takes the penalty (watch her scorch up the scoring charts.) However, the spotlight in this match was always going to be on Laurie Fabulous Fabian (not his middle name – Nigel,by the way.) Laurie was nurtured by Tigers – manured, mulched and fertilised in T6 in fact – before the handkerchiefs were swollen with tears and snot as he departed to university and the arms of his new family in Bristol, where together they shared four long years of success and happiness. Laurie, though, pined for the fens the whole time and once graduated, returned to the place and activities that made him happiest – looking for somewhere to lock his bike, avoiding tourists or paying over the odds for parking, for example. So back he has come to Tigers and straight under that post he positioned himself and, guiltily helped himself to four goals against his old teammates. Once he has the scent of a goal, the man is possessed. Start as you mean to go on, Tigers 1! Bravo! We currently sit in the play-off positions too and above Trojans. How about that!

The SERL team had their second outing of the season, a month after the first and against the same opposition, Norwich City. You have to hand it to Norwich City – they were disappointed to not make the promotion play-offs last season but are looking stronger this time round. Once more, the SERL team lost but it was a close and competitive affair. Jonny was on fire with 8 or 9 or something silly like that (silly for mortals but average for him.) Joseph was taking notes from the NL match and in honour of his idol, scored an Andy Hall special step-back floater (wait till Andy hears about that.) There was great rebounding from Molly and Martha, four goals from Alex and a goal each for pretty much everyone. 19-27 the final score there but if not greatness, then high quality consistency certainly beckons.

T3 also kept up their winning start to the season, with a hard fought 13-10 victory over a tough, experienced but energetic City 2 team (who have already beaten the mighty T4, don’t forget and who are every bit as good as City 1.) For the first time in Ross’s living memory, all named T3 players were available and started – no homework, no hiking, no travelling from other matches, no sprained fingers, no Strictly results show, no X Factor: Ross, Ollie, Lavinia, Becca, Cozzo, Luuk, Jess, Martha kept up the winning streak. Ross in the Jurgen Klopp of Division 1.

Thu 31 Oct 2019 21:15 Phoenix 2 Tigers 5 Cambridge Regional College
Sun 03 Nov 2019 12:20 KV Tigers 1 Kings Sports Centre
Sun 03 Nov 2019 13:40 KV2 Tigers 2 Kings Sports Centre
Sun 03 Nov 2019 19:00 Tigers 4 City 1 Perse School for Boys
Sun 03 Nov 2019 20:00 Tigers 5 Uni 2 Perse School for Boys
Fri 08 Nov 2019 20:20 Lions 2 Tigers 6 Littleport Sports Hall
Sun 10 Nov 2019 16:30 Vikings 1 Tigers 3 The Hive Leisure Village, Ely
Sun 10 Nov 2019 19:00 Tigers 4 Lions 1 Perse School for Boys