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22 Oct 18 – the briefest of updates

Our resident James Joyce is absent today, so this week’s update will be somewhat more concise.
On Wednesday, T2 dashed off from training to continue the trend of harsh defeats handed out to unsuspecting students. T2 23-4 U2, as always, the return fixture will be tougher once the students learn; more goals = better.
Sunday saw two games at the Perse, after a hotly contested game T3 unfortunately fell to C4, T3 6-9 C4.
In another one of this season’s six Tiger-Tiger matchups in CKL 2, T4 pulled of an amazing upset beating T2. T4 8-7 T2.

This week marks the start of the NL and SERL seasons, good luck to both teams in their opening games.

Sunday, October 28, 2018
1245 Cambridge Tigers 1 v Birmingham City 1 EKNL EKL
1415 Cambridge Tigers 2 v Norwich City 1 SERL EKL
1900 Cambridge Tigers 2CKL v Cambridge City 5CKL CKL CL2
2000 Cambridge Tigers 3CKL v Cambridge Tigers 4CKL CKL CL2