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Mon 10 March 2020: Doggie snacks

Put down your hand sanitizers and step away from the toilet rolls. There’s still a korfball season going on.


The end of season play-offs at the Copperbox may have been called off – and we await alternative arrangements – but T1 fight on for the coveted fifth spot and bragging rights in the EKL Premier Division. Anyone and anything can help in this enterprise and so it was that we welcomed a new, good luck charm to the T1 line-up at the weekend – no, not Laurie’s lucky scrunchie, but new girl, Milou van Driesel, who, after moving over from Holland, via Oxford, was told to ‘Go West’ for top notch Cambridge Korfing action (Chris West and Tigers, that is.) As it turns out, she was promptly put in a car and driven west – about 160 miles – to Bristol for an away match against Bristol Thunder. She and the rest of the team were straight out of the traps like whippets. Give them a shopping trolley and they would have beaten any panic-buyer hands-down – a trail of empty shelves in their wake. After decades of waiting, Liv was mightily relieved to finally be able to start a first team game as a sub and cajole from the sidelines alongside spiritual hectoring guru, Coach West. An intense game by all accounts – goal for goal to 6-6 until we began to pull away to lead by 8 at one stage in the second half; terrible twins Toby and Andy were having none of International Women’s Day in yet another personal dual to outscore each other. It got a bit hairy near the end with a deficit of two but 23-27 was the eventual scoreline as the thunderstorm was weathered and they all headed off for cider and pasties (when in Bristol, right?) That win, coupled with KV’s loss moves Tigers back up to fifth in the REAL battle this year.


Our SERL team, T2, had a good old crack at Bearsted 1 in Kent on Sunday, skipping the Cambridge half marathon (unlike some of us,) brushing off Coronavirus and setting Crufts to record on TV (of course.) We had 5 Potter belters, 6 Llewelyn crackers (between three Llewelyns admittedly,) 4 Haggart knockouts, some Weller whoppers and Zens zingers and a hat-trick of Tuliptastic, Strupwaffelicious, Edamabulous under-the-post efforts from Luuk. This kept the pressure on promotion-hunting Bearsted 1 right till the end until ultimately going down 21-25. They’ve got to do it all again next Sunday against Bearsted 2, so expect more of the same hype then (although I am not sure what other Dutch-themed adjectives I can think ok.)


A few of the above SERL players simply can’t wait a whole week to work a defeat out of their systems, so rather than sit at home and watch the Crufts that they had recorded that afternoon (bit of a theme here,) out they went for an evening walkies to the Perse – this time for T3 against Vikings 1. Let off their leashes, Jess, Martha, Catherine and Luuk (leaving his mark around the post as usual,) sniffed out the chances and supplied the passes to T3’s dangerous dogs Scottish terrier Ross, graceful greyhound Becca, lethal little Chihuahua Lavinia, clever Cockerpoodle (and regular fixture now) Qasim – all the while supported by snappy little sausage dog Sam Sadat, nipping away at any opposition weaknesses and yapping incessantly (oh, and scoring lots.) T3 won that one 20-4 and are one step closer to winning the league.


T5 aren’t doing too badly either – even without one of their group leaders, Great Bull Mastiff Adrian, who has twins on the way (but also wanted to stay at home and watch Crufts.) T5 have many leaders and under the bulldog spirit of Jen and her pitbull enforcer Caroline, Division 2 leaders Phoenix 2 were beaten 16-7. Man-on-a-mission and Adrian surrogate, Qasim warmed up for his T3 match by chipping in with a good few scores and goal-sniffers Leo and Luka bagged their customary brace each. It was Hindletime too with a few goals for Mother and Son combo Billy and Tommy and another appearance for fast-learning Jackie Taylor. It goes without saying of course that Jackie, Laura, Caroline, Jen and Billy all project managed a victory in which the names on the score sheet are but a final flourish on a fine team effort. Behind every great man is a great woman rolling her eyes, as they say (well, that’s what they say in my household.) All of which makes things interesting at the top of Division 2, with T5 still in with a fighting chance of promotion.


Let’s not forget our Under-14s, their dedicated coaches, supportive parents and all the committed referees either….or Liv, who makes it all tick, time and again, unseen and selflessly. Like the changing seasos, the evolution of our under 14s, then, continues apace; they were too good for Norwich City yesterday on the one hand, but outgunned by an impressive and experienced Tornadoes team in turn. This season is a transitional one and there are positive signs for the future. Let’s keep lending our support where we can. Here’s what’s coming up:

Fri 13 Mar 2020 20:20 Lions 1 Tigers 4 Littleport Sports Hall
Sun 15 Mar 2020 13:30 Nomads Tigers 1 Epsom College
Sun 15 Mar 2020 15:30 Bearsted 2 Tigers 2 Victory Academy
Sun 22 Mar 2020 12:45 Tigers 1 Trojans Perse School for Boys
Sun 22 Mar 2020 14:15 Tigers 2 Bearsted 1 Perse School for Boys
Sun 22 Mar 2020 19:00 Tigers 4 City 3 Perse School for Boys
Thu 26 Mar 2020 21:15 Phoenix 3 Tigers 6 Cambridge Regional College
Sun 29 Mar 2020 12:45 Tigers 1 Tornadoes Perse School for Boys
Sun 29 Mar 2020 14:15 Tigers 2 Tornadoes 2 Perse School for Boys
Sun 29 Mar 2020 18:00 City 4 Tigers 5 Impington Village College
Sun 29 Mar 2020 19:00 Tigers 6 Vikings 3 Perse School for Boys
Sun 29 Mar 2020 20:00 Tigers 4 Vikings 2 Perse School for Boys