Join Cambridge Tigers Korfball Club

Take a look at our promotional video to find out more about Cambridge Tigers Korfball Club. 


At Cambridge Tigers Korfball Club, we are very proud of our club’s friendly and competitive nature.

Our club has teams to accommodate all of our players. We have a number of players who play for recreational purposes only, as well as seven players who are currently in the England Youth Squads.

We have a development team so that new players can play with our more experienced players as they learn the game. For more advanced players that want to play at a higher level, we have a team in the National League Premier Division as well as another in the South East Regional League. The club also has four in the Cambridgeshire Korfball League, catering for all levels.

Never played before?

Then you should! We train at the Perse Boys in Cambridge on Wednesdays from 19:00 during the indoor season (September – May). In the summer we train outdoors. The first few sessions are free, so come along a give it a go.  If you have any questions or want to let us know you are coming then you can email us. You can also take a look at the training page.

Played before?

The first few sessions are free, so come along and say hello! If you have any questions or want to let us know you are coming then you can email us. We will need to transfer you from your old club to CTKC before you are allowed to play league games for us. The transfer deadline for players registered with other clubs is 31st January.

Membership fees

Annual fees cover indoor hall hire for the winter season (Sept-May) and a membership fee to cover EKA registration and insurance. Matches are charged per half game in local league (per quarter game in National and Regional leagues.) There are discounts for U19s, students/unemployed and siblings/families, please contact our treasurer for more details.


Children interested in joining Tigers may come along at any time for a free trial session. You may just turn up on the day, but it is best to email ahead to check that there is training that week. Below are the details of our membership fees once you have decided to join the club.

Tigers Juniors

Fees for Tigers Juniors (ages 7 to 13) are £35 per term/£17.50 per half term. For families with more than one child attending, the following fees apply (half term fees = 50% of this):

  • Child #1 = £35/term
  • Child #2 = £25/term
  • Child #3 = £15/term
  • Child #4+ = free

So if you have 3 korfballers, it will cost you £35 + £25 + £15, a total of £75 for the term, which averages out at approx. £2.30 per session each for an 11-week term.


Fees for Tiggers (ages 4 to 7) are £25 per term/£12.50 per half term.

Weekly payments

For administrative reasons, we prefer payment to be made for the whole term or half term rather than weekly, as it’s quite a bit of work collecting, recording and banking the cash. Please make cheques payable to “Cambridge Tigers Korfball Club”.

However, we realise that in some circumstances, people may be put off by having to pay up front for the whole or half term, so, weekly payments can be made, at a cost of £3 per child per session for Tigers Juniors, and £2 for Tiggers.

Matches and tournaments

Fees for tournaments and matches for the U9, U11 and U13 players are around £3 per player.

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