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Weekly Update 08 Jan 2018

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s another point! The National League team secured a great draw in Kent yesterday, away to KV (KwiekVicta.) Rory Ramjet scored 7, no less and some astute subbing really got the best out of his talents to help the team to this result. There were lots of other positives here: Oscar and Josh scored three each – the latter scoring a key free pass that was heavily worked on in training; Lia popped in a hail mary to end the second half; Chris was 3 from 3 at penalties; Francis/Dutchie played the Polish national captain to a standstill. The team came back from four down twice and the last ten minutes were frantic, with neither side being able to establish a two-goal lead. That’s just what the doctor ordered – two weeks of scoffing chocolate, cold turkey sandwiches, a plate of sprouts and a solid performance rewarded by something sweet at the end of the day. Tigers are off the bottom of the division, with another relegation four-pointer coming up at home to Nomads in a couple of weeks. Hurrah!


The feel-good factor was maintained in the follow-up regional league match against KV2. I believe that historically the Charge of the Light Brigade took place in the Crimea (immortalised in poem and film) but a modern-day version played out on a korfball court in Rochester yesterday, where the SERL team were six behind for much of this match. That was until Tigers’ very own Errol Flynn, Jerram Dawes, ably supported by Jess ‘Joan of Arc’ Llewelyn brandished their elbows, gave a guttural roar/cough and started peppering their opponents’ basket. Hot shots Rob Haggart and Chris Rhodes threw off the shades, removed the gum, swaggered onto the court and popped a few in. A Lazarus-like recovery was on the cards. Lazarus was a great man, but he couldn’t score goals like Gracie Lewis, who chipped in with three. Ultimately though, it ended in defeat 19-17 but it was an encouraging display indeed. There’ll be a chance for more enjoyable regional league korf this coming weekend as Tornadoes visit Cambridge. Come along. It’ll be fun.


Almost as much fun as the event of the year so far. Cambridgeshire Korfball royalty mixed with upcoming talent at the Tigers 1 City 2 Ball at the world-renowned Royal Perse Showrooms, Cambridge on Sunday evening. One of the most anticipated events on the er, international calendar, the ball saw the next generation of Korf stars making their Division 1 debut on a grand and glamorous scale – escorted, of course, by some proud parents and watched over by some grizzled and hobbling veterans on the floor. This year’s major names twirling their way around the floor included a dashing young Jonny Potter, sporting orange tux, tails, trainers and socks. Stepping out alongside him, wearing Giambattista Valli designer orange shirt, black diamante-encrusted sweatpants and Jimmy Choo trainers was Mateja Jamnik Bierman, being carefully pecked and fussed over by her veteran T1 daughter, Hana. Needless to say, the evening was magical, with the obligatory grandstanding late arrival. Powered by a late tea, Tom Clift screeched onto the court a few minutes in, with brother (and ex-Tiger) Harry in tow. Harry was glued to his phone brother’s every move, providing some expert analysis and wise words from the gallery with the other family members. There were goals for most, including a few for the debutantes, which ultimately clinched the game in a tight 11-10 finish. City 2 were ahead for most of the game, being a more settled side (i.e. slightly older and wiser) but Jessie, Jude and Becca kept running, showing that the younger you are, the easier it is to recover from scoffing selection boxes for two weeks. Their opponents were a bit jaded come the end of the game and were glad of the rest.

There’s a busy weekend ahead, starting with T2 playing in Littleport this Friday and it’s the return of the Under-14s.

Fri, 12-Jan-2018 2020 L2 v T2 Littleport Sports Centre
Sun, 14-Jan-2018 900 U-14s v Dragons Cambridge Regional College
Sun, 14-Jan-2018 1100 U-14s v City Cambridge Regional College
Sun, 14-Jan-2018 1245 TIG2 v TORN2 Perse School for Boys
Sun, 14-Jan-2018 1415 TIG1 v TORN Perse School for Boys
Sun, 14-Jan-2018 1800 C5 v T3 Impington Village College
Wed, 17-Jan-2018 2100 U1 v T1 Cambridge University Sports Centre
Sun, 21-Jan-2018 2000 T2 v U2 Perse School for Boys
Sun, 28-Jan-2018 1415 TIG1 v NOM Perse School for Boys
Sun, 28-Jan-2018 1800 C1 v T1 Impington Village College
Sun, 28-Jan-2018 1900 T3 v V3 Perse School for Boys
Sun, 28-Jan-2018 2000 T2 v V2 Perse School for Boys