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31 Jan 2019: Somewhat belatedly…

What time do we call this then? This is what happens when you go off galavanting for the weekend! You fall behind with essential tasks. Let this be a lesson to everyone. Never go on holiday (wags finger knowingly.)

Anyway, mustn’t linger as at least three snowflakes are going to fall this evening (Thursday) and I don’t want to get caught up in the A14/M11 lawlessness and pandemonium that will surely ensue.

T4 swept aside a much-improved Uni 2 last Wednesday. Young debutant Thomas Hindle wasn’t phased by the frantic efforts of his earnest opponents. He doffed his cap, dusted himself down and helped the team claw back a 6-5 first half deficit. The comeback was further aided by the Zobot (on the score sheet again,) Flingin’ Frances (flinging those goals in from all distances within four yards,) Chloe (first goal – tears of joy I hear,) Phoebe (hat-trick! ticker tape! marching band!) Luka (hat-trick! fireworks! lasers! cheerleaders!) and a few more from a certain Mr O Warhorse. Poor old Luka took a clattering whilst scoring a 5-metre beauty too. If that isn’t suffering for your art, I don’t know what is. 13-6 the score.

Now, there were other games taking place recently – including a terrific showing for our battling NL team away to the Trojan Empire (a 22-27 loss,) a deplorable defeat for our charitable SERL team in the local derby against City SERL (10-28,) a thumpalicious victory for Division 2 megastars and runaway leaders T2 against V3 (22-3 – Sarah signing autographs in next training session) and a lionhearted loss for T3 to V2 straight afterwards (6-11.)

We shall say no more and move on. NL, SERL, T1 and T3 have matches this weekend. The snowploughs are being prepared for the journeys (no wheels..or engines..or ploughs, but lovely orange paint with black stripes.) We love the Korf.
There’s tickets on sale for the Grand Finals on 1-2 June too. Once more, we love the Korf.

03/02/2019 PREM KFISH vs TIG Maidstone Girls Grammar School 1220
03/02/2019 SERL KFISH2 vs TIG2 Maidstone Girls Grammar School 1350
03/02/2019 1 T1 vs C3 Perse School for Boys 1900
03/02/2019 2 T3 vs C5 Perse School for Boys 2000
10/02/2019 U14 Tigers U14 vs Vikings U14 Cambridge Regional College 900
10/02/2019 PREM TIG vs KV Perse School for Boys 1245
10/02/2019 U14 Tigers U14 vs Harrow U14 Cambridge Regional College 1400
10/02/2019 SERL TIG2 vs KV2 Perse School for Boys 1415
10/02/2019 2 C5 vs T2 Impington 1800
17/02/2019 PREM BIRM vs TIG Woodcock Sports Centre 1230
17/02/2019 SERL NCITY vs TIG2 UEA Sportspark 1300
17/02/2019 2 C5 vs T4 Hills Road Sixth Form College 1600
17/02/2019 1 C1 vs T1 Hills Road Sixth Form College 1700
17/02/2019 2 T2 vs L2 Perse School for Boys 1900
17/02/2019 2 T3 vs V3 Perse School for Boys 2000