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20 Feb 19: A little later than advertised…

Hark! The Lesser-Spotted Weekly Update returns!

The communication formerly known as the weekly update has been a little delayed of late. The complaints of disgruntled Korfers desperate for their next installment have been loud and sustained. The people have decided! Get on with it, they say. Part 1: before last weekend.

A lot has gone on since we were last online. Those Under 14 Invincibles keep on keeping on, winning at ease and sitting atop the league, just ahead of the aristocratic Buckingham Royals and the Formidable Bearsted. It’s a roll call of talent: Armitage, Llewellyn, Francis, Hindle, Harlow, McArthur, Castaigne, Newman, Teleki, DeBarro, Ross (and a few others I may have missed) …. the class of 2019 are certainly setting down a marker for the rest of the club to match. Big wins the other week again – against Vikings and Harrow. Could the rest of the club follow suit?

Well, the NL team may well have done the weekend before last had their crunch bottom-of-the-table match against KV not been postponed. Luckily they had already done themselves the world of good by pinching a plucky point away to mid-table Kingfisher the weekend before. Let’s not forget that this opposition had just beaten Tigers in the reverse fixture not a fortnight before that. This time the result was 22-22 so what was the difference? Well, we could point to Chris falling on his sword in the first half and subbing himself off for the good of the team, but the bearded guru of the sidelines knew better. Stroking his chin whilst observing the unfurling of the events in the arena before him, the Wise One quickly made some key decisions to swing the game – noticeably moving Keira and Gracie to opposite ends (with the assistance of key sub, Rosie.) Seven from Josh helped (including 4 from 4 on free passes;) Matt weighed in with 8, Andy with 4, plus a sprinkling of scores from Dutchie and James ‘The Greatest Dancer’ Northfield. The defence was Terry Butcher-like – not bloodied, snotty and bandaged, but at the opponents at all times and stopping them from pulling away at key moments. An excellent result and a well-deserved fillip for a quickly-improving team.

The SERL team, bless them, continues to rotate like a lovely little lighthouse, filtering in players from T1 (and from T2 if they happen to just be there providing lifts to others.) It is still very much an experimental and changeable work-in-progress side, full of little lab tigers running around investigating things, marshalled by head technicians and trusted stalwarts Thomson and Haggart (Thomson with his tartan lab coat on, of course.) A dead rubber match away to Kingfisher 2 saw goals for Johnny, Ross, Rosie, Keira, Joseph, James S, Lia and Dutchie and although the NL match against KV was postponed the week after, the SERL match against KV2 went ahead. It was close fought but ultimately KV2 won 14-12. Goals shared out for James S, Luuk, Molly, Joseph, Rebecca, Jess and many goals for Rob (no time to think of nicknames for so many different scorers.) They’re ticking along nicely in the regional league. Bodes well.

T1 continued their push for the Division 1 title with a narrow victory over a well-organised and, as expected, a settled City 3 team. The Rogers Connection aligned with a lurking Bretell in the shallows and a scampering Potter to edge us over the line 14-12. Coach Thomson nodded his head in affirmation as he dunked his shortbread into his tea.

T2’s supertanker-like voyage towards promotion continues as they got in on the action with a surprisingly comfortable 18-7 win against the young sprites of City 5. A few interlopers in this one trying to grab a bit of the lustre and prestige that comes with playing alongside the glitterati of T2. We did have goals for Wannabe Glory Boys Luuk and Nick A, but ultimately the heavy-lifting was done by the main actors – 2 for Roberts, 3 for Carswell, 1 for Watts, 2 for Llewellyn No 1 and bragging rights in the Francis household once more taken by Junior, with six! Oh, and one for Cambridgeshire’s most enthusiastic and effective substitute, Steve ‘Ole Gunnar’ Clarke. Don’t you know I’ll be your substitute…… whenever you need me…….. Oo! Oo! (if you’re over 35, you’ll nod your head to that – under 35 and it’s your loss.)

T3 were up to their old tricks too, matching their opponents all the way in a few games before ultimately losing to more accurate shooters. They had a tough old game against promotion-chasing Vikings 2 the other week, which ultimately went against them due to a few wizened old Fenland operators using their keen eyes to pick off the still-ripening Tigers Korfing fruit. Despite goals from Luka, Jen and Martha, V2 won 6-11. Some time shortly before or after that, T3 had a development match against City 5 and had a Tigerfest, slicing and dicing 12 players in formations that would impress Cirque du Soleil. Ringmaster Adrian strained the vocal cords and popped a few buttons on his lovely ringmaster’s coat and as he cajoled his performers into effective attacking patterns. Valuable experience for newer players against some of the more experienced City 5 folk, none more so than Max and Chloe, who absorbed korfing tactics like sponges. There was valuable experience too for Code-breaker Jess, who has developed her skills as a graphologist, deciphering Adrian’s cryptic hand-written substitution plan whilst he was playing. Next stop for Jess – the Da Vinci Code (when she is not korfing..which is not very often.)_

Part 2 to follow soon(ish) with details of the weekend just gone, but here’s what’s coming up:

20/02/2019 2 U2 vs T3 Cambridge University Sports Centre 2000
20/02/2019 1 U1 vs T1 Cambridge University Sports Centre 2100
24/02/2019 PREM NKTS vs TIG UEA Sportspark 1320
24/02/2019 SERL NKTS2 vs TIG2 UEA Sportspark 1440
24/02/2019 1 C2 vs T1 Hills Road Sixth Form College 1600
24/02/2019 2 C5 vs T3 Hills Road Sixth Form College 1700
24/02/2019 2 V2 vs T4 Ely Community College 1815
24/02/2019 2 V3 vs T2 Ely Community College 1915
10/03/2019 U14 Tigers U14 vs Royals U14 Cambridge Regional College 1200
10/03/2019 U14 Tigers U14 vs Dragons U14 Cambridge Regional College 1300
10/03/2019 PREM TIG vs BEC Perse School for Boys 1245
10/03/2019 SERL TIG2 vs BEAR Perse School for Boys 1415