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19 Nov 18 – Thunderstruck!

Thunder rolled in from the west on Sunday as newly-promoted Bristol Thunder rumbled menacingly into town.

Rather like Tigers last season, this team are looking to pick up points against the likes or ourselves to help stave off the threat of relegation. Having narrowly lost against Nomads in week one and having commuted 330 miles for this away trip, the dark clouds of pent-up frustration were just waiting to discharge themselves on Tigers. There was certainly no singing in the rain, twirling umbrellas and flouncing around lampposts in this match. It was tough, tempestuous and terribly nerve-wracking for all involved. Two goals barely separated the teams at all times, the lead swapping hands regularly, each pegging the other back in a tumultuous, blustery and squally affair. Tigers saw four seasons in one minute as ice-cold attack was soon followed by hot and bothered defensive frailty – which was duly punished by the visitors’ metronomic free pass efficiency. As the game wore on, Bristol winds buffeted an increasingly thunderstruck Tigers in the second half. Ex-Tiger Laurie Fabian did us no favours at all (we trained him well.) Like howling pets, the bench was getting very tetchy when the Thunder rolled forward. Mobile phones were put down as – mouths agape – it looked like Tigers may even lose the match at the death. However, after shouting oneself hoarse, chomping fingernails to the knuckle and leaping off ones chair many times, Jess managed to accurately reflect the final, nerve-shredding result of a 23-23 draw. It was all too much for spectator Zoe, who needed a lie-down.

We shall consider this a point gained as it has propelled us to fifth in the table. We should also point out some stirring performances once more from Korfmaster Matt Brookes, who turns up everywhere unexpectedly, coaxes the ball out of the air, delicately caresses it to its intended destination and regally sweeps on to the next port of call. All he’s missing is a robe. Welcome back too to young Skywalker Josh, who will learn much from his new mentor and blend well with Lia and Daisy/Gracie. Down the other end Liv and Dutchie had a colossal battle against their two girls but another 7 from Toby and a hatful of goals and penalties from Star Baker Andy Hall helped steady the ship at crucial times. Andy’s other half (not Prue Leith) baked some delicious Rocky Road for everyone after the match. He can certainly play again. His girlfriend is free to bake again too – particularly as an incentive for our home match against Nomads on Sunday (it’s ages since I had coffee cake, incidentally.)

After that whirlwind of a match blew itself out, the SERL team spread their little rainbows over the hall, taking an early lead (which they never relinquished) against a compact and competitive Harrow team. James ‘Billy Elliot’ Northfield was dancing around, as usual; Captain Alex was back from injury; Sian was sure in attack; Cozzo was causing damage under the post and then there was Jenny, who was supposed to have moved away but she ‘happened to be in the area’ and made a substitute appearance in the second half, smiling and skipping through to score a runner after ten seconds. She had yet more leaving drinks last night I believe and is preparing her next excuse to ‘be in the area’ next weekend. Fine by us. In other news, the Rodgers, Potter and Llewelyn scoring machines got jammed this time but the threat was there, penalties were won and others scored on the back of their efforts. A wee bit of oil in traning and the pistons will be firing once more. Top marks also to Jess for not falling asleep on scoring duty (up partying at 4 a.m. apparently) … and a tired and aching Liv for shot-clocking the first half like a pro…and furiously-scribbling Korfing trainspotter Frank Dunn on the sidelines, writing down essential korfing data on efforts and timings. Perfect 10s all round. 17-16 the final score.

Buckets and spades at the ready, T1 and T4….you’re off to Littleport this Friday! Plenty more coming up this week with Nomads and Bearsted 2 visiting and evening matches for T4 and T2. Just fyi, there is also an away game for the SERL team on 09 Dec that is not yet showing on Fixtures Live –  against Bearsted 1.

23/11/2018 2 L2 vs T4 Littleport Sports Centre 2020
23/11/2018 1 L1 vs T1 Littleport Sports Centre 2130
25/11/2018 PREM TIG vs NOM Perse School for Boys 1245
25/11/2018 SERL TIG2 vs BEAR2 Perse School for Boys 1415
25/11/2018 2 T4 vs V3 Perse School for Boys 1900
25/11/2018 2 T2 vs V2 Perse School for Boys 2000
02/12/2018 U14 Tigers U14 vs Royals U14 Cambridge Regional College 900
02/12/2018 U14 Tigers U14 vs City U14 Cambridge Regional College 1000
02/12/2018 2 T2 vs P3 Perse School for Boys 1900
02/12/2018 2 T4 vs T3 Perse School for Boys 2000
06/12/2018 2 P3 vs T2 Cambridge Regional College 2115
09/12/2018 PREM BEC vs TIG Ernest Bevin College 1100
09/12/2018 SERL BEAR vs TIG2 New Line Learning Academy
09/12/2018 2 T3 vs T2 Perse School for Boys 1900
09/12/2018 2 T4 vs C4 Perse School for Boys 2000
14/12/2018 2 L2 vs T2 Littleport Sports Centre 2020
16/12/2018 1 C3 vs T1 Hills Road Sixth Form College 1600
16/12/2018 2 C4 vs T3 Hills Road Sixth Form College 1700
16/12/2018 PREM TORN vs TIG New Line Learning Academy 1120
16/12/2018 SERL TORN2 vs TIG2 New Line Learning Academy 1240
20/12/2018 1 P2 vs T1 Cambridge Regional College 2115