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17 Dec 18: Dashing through the rain

Greetings everyone. We have not quite reached the Korfmas holidays just yet, so before wiping out on Quality Street, overheating in garish Christmas jumpers, falling over on the ice rink after one successful lap or overconfidently drinking yet another ‘delicious’ mulled wine, let’s first of all see where Tigers were travelling on an eventful weekend of away-day ups and downs before telling you what’s left.

T2 were first on the road on Friday evening as they dashed through the er, snow on several one horse open sleighs up into the frozen north.…of the Fens….Littleport! Mush! Mush! The team continued on their marauding ways, taming, controlling and comfortably defeating Lions 2 17-8. Much of this was down to four goals from Tigers’ very own Sports Personality Of The Year Billy and five goals from the Llewelyn production line that gave you Jess (No.1 Long-lasting and low trajectory,) Daisy (No.2 Loyal servant and party animal – due a rest,) Grace (No.3 mothballed in a korfing warehouse somewhere, gathering dust,) Rosie (No.4 wunderkind and social media starlet) and the scoring machine herself from Friday night, Martha (No.5 – ‘The Natural.’) Obviously every star quarterback needs a water-carrier and the girls were ably assisted by two fine fellows, one of whom scored too (Steve’s second half goal settling nerves and re-establishing our nine-goal cushion – he’ll be dining out on that with cranberry sauce well after Christmas Day.) We also had three in the first half for a rampant Sarah (who needed a first team sub on her eventually to limit the damage,) two for fast-orbiting satellite Sam and two more for Big Nick (on his continuing quest to catch and pass The Great One.) Thought for the day, though, is to play out the front more and have better vision. Look for that side pass instead of bombing it into a feed for an easy intercept. Take a leaf out of Ella’s book. She has vision in spades. Thank you to our coaches too. They do help lots.

Fast forward to Sunday, when there were a lot of steady Sunday drivers on the road for Tigers. Korfing power couple Lia and Matt were not amongst those having a leisurely spin though. Their Ferrari got into a bit of bother on the way to the match against Tornadoes. However, they still made it in time and who needs a warm-up anyway when you can waltz on and score six goals (as Matt did?) This NL match was always going to be difficult against play-off certainties and potential finalists, Tornadoes and it duly ended in a 26-14 defeat. Captain Clarke weighed in with five goals and wise words in his post-match interview, affirming that Tigers are still integrating new players and need time for everything to click, with a good half last week against Bec and another good half here. The opponents’ outside shooting skills and defensive discipline told in the end, though.  We should note that Sian also stepped in in the NL match when battle-scarred 18-year-old ‘veteran’ Daisy required physio. Alas, both Daisy and Sian are taking breaks from the world of Tigers korf now, hobbling off into the sunset. We wish them well* on their adventures.
*Well-wishing for a limited time only though**
** Joke

The SERL match against Tornadoes 2 that followed finished 26-16 to the opposition, which you wouldn’t have thought with the score at 13-13 midway through the second half. Try as Rosie might to reduce the average age of the team, the old warhorses of Tigers were ultimately no match for their kindergarten counterparts – particularly when a few strong subs came on in the final quarter. There were lots of good things though, including first full matches of the season for TGV and the Zen Mistress, a traffic-delayed, car-park-dashing first half arrival from Jamie and a clean-as-a-whistle, straight-through-the-middle goal from Billy Elliott himself, James. We had a goal apiece for aforementioned Llewelyn no.4 and West no.1, 2 apiece for Northfield no.3, Captain Zensible and Screeching Brakes Smith, whilst Northfield no.1 chipped in with a silly 8 or so – and so he should, playing alongside battle-scarred warriors like Keira, Sian and Ross.

The away matches just kept coming on Sunday, with T1 having an impressive 18-9 win away to City 3. All of the starters got on the score sheet – Bolander, Potter, Bretell, Jackson-Corbett, Thomson (him again,) Sawyer, Robinson, Rodgers. We didn’t quite have ‘Clift-off’ from substitute Tom, but we had his presence under the post (minus the magic headband – you canNOT be serious!) For once, Tom was outshone in the collect though as new boy James Sawyer stole the ball once more – and almost the show – rebounding like a Korfing whirlpool under the post. The match ball though was coaxed out of the Sawyer vortex and claimed by Molly, with her five goal selection box of long shots and runners (she can’t literally have the ball though as we don’t have enough of them…Joseph said he’ll buy her one for Christmas.) T1 can’t kick back and relax just yet though. They still have a match to play this week.

Poor old T3 though. How do you follow that T1 performance against City 3? Well, you try and match well-oiled, well experienced and well-hard City 4 with slick moves and tight defence of your own. For example, if you’re Steve, you keep your more experienced non-status opponents where you keep your monogrammed ‘SC’ kerchiefs – in your pocket (tick;) if your surname is Francis, you rebound and drop off till the reindeer come home (tick;) indeed if you’re Ollie you also step forward like a Savoy doorman to play the girls in (tick;) if you’re Jen or Rachael, you eye the post, get your head down and charge at it like a British Bulldog – within reason of course (tick;) if you’re a second-half sub like Sarah and you knuckle down in defence and intercept passes like a hungry bear at a salmon leap (tick;) if you’re hotshot Martha or a striking new redhead Caroline (80s reference alert – Red Sonja!) you pass incessantly, diagonally, lengthily, flamboyantly and cheekily to those drop-offs like a crazed croupier dealing cards (tick, tick, tick, tick) and if you’re a real star and gentleman you either follow a day of total Korf with coaching duties (Ross) or organize the team and provide a superb analysis upon which to base this report (Adrian.) Still lost 6-5 though :( Lucky late shot. Good for nothing City 4. Pah!
We have one more Wednesday night training session this week and then you can have the 26th off. Don’t come travelling from Welwyn or Letchworth or Colchester on Boxing Day and expect to train, now. You’ve been warned. We aren’t that nerdy at Tigers. We do have training on 2nd Jan though. So perhaps we are a bit nerdy after all (although there’s games the first weekend of 2019 too.)

20/12/2018 1 P2 vs T1 Cambridge Regional College 2115
06/01/2019 PREM TIG vs NKTS Perse School for Boys 1245
06/01/2019 SERL TIG2 vs NKTS2 Perse School for Boys 1415
06/01/2019 2 V2 vs T3 Ely Community College 1815
06/01/2019 2 V3 vs T4 Ely Community College 1915
10/01/2019 1 P1 vs T1 Cambridge Regional College 2115
13/01/2019 U14 Tigers U14 vs Bearsted U14 Cambridge Regional College 1200
13/01/2019 U14 Tigers U14 vs Dragons U14 Cambridge Regional College 1300
13/01/2019 PREM TIG vs KFISH Perse School for Boys 1245
13/01/2019 SERL TIG2 vs KFISH2 Perse School for Boys 1415
13/01/2019 2 C4 vs T2 Impington 1800
13/01/2019 2 V3 vs T3 Ely Community College 1815