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12 Nov 18 – The local league never sleeps

There was an apt lull in National and Regional league proceedings at the weekend. The Bentleys and Jags of the National League stars were retired as the local league players polished their Robin Reliants, buffed up their battered Corsas and souped-up Fiestas, wheeled their oul’ mucky mountain bikes out of the shed and nagged their parents for lifts to take part in a CKL weekend of korfing action.


First up were T3 on Thursday evening against P3. This was almost a proper T3 side as all the youngsters were in bed. Age was not a barrier (nor were the creaking joints, bandaged knees, floods of sweat and Steve ‘The Mummy’ Clarke’s splintered fingers) as T3 took the game to an experienced and resilient Phoenix side. Zoe and Caroline put in a shift to contain their wily opposite numbers, Zoe even popping in a penalty. Nick and Adrian were a double act under the post, Adrian in particular throwing some sharp John Travolta moves in the feed, one step ahead of everyone, adopting a wide stance, peering over his shades, seeing the game like the experienced journeyman he is (and scoring two in the process.) Nick continued to hone his mobile rebounding skills and is catching up with his idol and more predatory namesake (scoring one for his efforts but nearly scoring many more.) Down the other end Luuk’s opponent had a hard time of it, trying to anticipate a swoop or soar, an overhead or underarm (three for the Flying Dutchman.) Rachael nicked a goal, Jenny exterminated attacks and Steve had his usual tussle with Mark from Phoenix, coming out ever more easily on top – despite the lack of fingers – with a goal to his name too. T3 won 9-7 and move up the table.


Alas, T1 were on the wrong end of a frustrating 11-15 scoreline last night at home to Vikings 1. Ross was most put out and couldn’t enjoy his tea and shortbread afterwards. One or two missing links last night meant that the hitherto effective Potter/Bolander Axis was not on display either. Still, a certain C West was an adequate stand-in for the young wizard, scoring 4 and helping Luuk, Nanon and Molly to get a few too. Down the other end, Ringer Ringer Rosie was popping ‘em in once more. Llewelyn model no. 4 appears to be an improvement on previous, earlier models. Speaking of, number 1 in the Llewelyn production belt also subbed on but Jess was unable to treat us all to her usual brace of low trajectory missile strikes this time. We also welcomed back Rhodesy to T1 action, fully recovered from his groin injury and wardrobe malfunction of the weekend before. Chris is now the proud owner of ten pairs of shorts.


The Young Hearts of T4 (including Nick and Zoe, who are young at heart) then ran free against Vikings 2. They ran as freely as they could against more experienced and bigger opposition and would not normally be expected to get a result but they hung in there doggedly they whole match, coming from one or two down to peg them back to 9-9 come the end of it. As we don’t yet have the scorecard we can safely assume that there was plenty of good stuff for the new wave, who now have a rest of sorts…before the next ‘new experience’ in their young korfballing lives – an away trip to Littleport on Friday week. Yes indeed. Bring. It. On.


There’s a busy two weeks coming up, with Under14, National and Regional League matches, trips to Littleport for Teams 1 and 4 and more Viking raids on the Perse. Get some sleep.

18/11/2018 U14 Tigers U14 vs Vikings U14 Cambridge Regional College 0900
18/11/2018 U14 Tigers U14 vs Phoenix U14 Cambridge Regional College 1100
18/11/2018 PREM TIG vs BRIS Perse School for Boys 1245
18/11/2018 SERL TIG2 vs HAR Perse School for Boys 1415
23/11/2018 2 L2 vs T4 Littleport Sports Centre 2020
23/11/2018 1 L1 vs T1 Littleport Sports Centre 2130
25/11/2018 PREM TIG vs NOM Perse School for Boys 1245
25/11/2018 SERL TIG2 vs BEAR2 Perse School for Boys 1415
25/11/2018 2 T4 vs V3 Perse School for Boys 1900
25/11/2018 2 T2 vs V2 Perse School for Boys 2000
02/12/2018 U14 Tigers U14 vs Royals U14 Cambridge Regional College 900
02/12/2018 U14 Tigers U14 vs City U14 Cambridge Regional College 1000
02/12/2018 2 T2 vs P3 Perse School for Boys 1900
02/12/2018 2 T4 vs T3 Perse School for Boys 2000
06/12/2018 2 P3 vs T2 Cambridge Regional College 2115