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11 March 2019: Young guns go for it!

Young guns led the way once more on a slightly less frantic weekend of korfing action. Some people were mildly disappointed to not be going on a Wacky Races road trip this weekend, settling instead for a genteel early afternoon of Cambridge-based larking about.

The under 14s almost sealed the championship deal yesterday with two more victories against strong Royals and Dragons opposition. Hat-tricks for lethal shots Harlow, Castaigne and Llewellyn in the 12-3 victory over Royals, with further goals from O Francis and Armitage and key contributions from L Francis, MacArthur, Hindle, Ross and Teleki. The same crack outfit then scored a few more in an 18-4 win over Dragons: never shy of a hat-trick, once more we had eagle-eyed Harlow, Castaigne and Llewellyn banging them in, with a couple from Hindle and Armitage, ably-supported by prodigious effort from L Francis, MacArthur, Teleki and Ross. Oh, and seven for O Francis. Back to full health, I see. They nearly have the division wrapped up now – barring disaster and a rash of surprise 15th birthdays, just two more victories (well, one more, technically) on 28 April over Phoenix and Harrow will see them crowned champs again. Then we can throw ‘em into National League again next season….

…assuming we are still in the National League next season, of course. Our NL team are involved in a relegation scrap again, looking for those extra few points that will hopefully steady the nerves towards a fraught final few weeks of play. Yesterday we were up against the jocks of Bec – coiffed, buffed and full of fancy tricks. We didn’t think we would win this one but it would be a good marker to see how our attack was progressing and how many goals we could score. Captain Fantastic, Toby, was unavailable. His mother wouldn’t let him out to play with a swollen ankle. Liv had been given a pass to steer the Under-14s to glory at the same time, so in stepped Obi West Kenobe, a new-look aerodynamic sub James Sawyer (shorn of his locks) and frightfully fast Caitlin J-C – to sub on and off with Keira. We won’t beat about the bush; 19-32 it finished, but only because the basket was small and the ball wouldn’t drop numerous times. Could have easily been 25 or 26. The Flying Dutchwoman lived up to her name with a few lovely runners (and boy was she running around at the end, frantically looking for someone to claim a mystery goal for the score sheet.) A stupendous mid-air leap and re-direct back into the basket from young Josh had them on their feet and nodding appreciatively. It may have been defended but who could deny that thing of beauty? Certainly not the ref (you may hear a throaty roar on Jerram’s YouTube recording for that one.) We had the usual few goals from Gracie, who will have to work out a better way to celebrate scoring rather than just nod her head and walk away (a moonwalk, a Floss or The Robot perhaps?)  We look forward to the next goal and celebration. Caitlin ran her England player silly and could have scored a bucketload with a few more shots. Take a leaf out of five-goal Andy and four-goal Matt’s books, I say! Good performances from everyone. However, good performances don’t always win you points and it’s all getting rather tight at the bottom now between ourselves, Birmingham and Bristol, who got themselves a surprise point yesterday. Next up for NL is a winnable away tie to Nomads. The important date for the diary after that is Sat 13 April, away to Bristol.

Our very young SERL team followed up the above match yesterday with a gutsy performance against a very experienced, promotion-chasing and play-off qualified Bearsted. Old war veterans James Sawyer and Rob Haggart marshalled their young division teammates well and there were two goals each for them. Don Rodgers and Don Potter peered down on proceedings from their box on the balcony, nodding approvingly as their young charges put on a show too; four for the Potternator and a couple for the Rodgers Connection; one each for Rosie and coach Ross, who made an instant impact when he came on. It ended up 12-20 and a good wee run-out. Ultimately, the more experienced opposition had seen it all before, anticipated better than us and were wiser to the opportunities when they presented themselves.
Now, there is an intra-club friendly for people this Sunday at 7 at the Perse (please let Adrian know if you’re playing.) The T1 and T4 matches from 14 April have also been re-scheduled as the Perse is closed. T1 are now playing on 31 March at 1900hrs and T4 on 05 May at 1800hrs (in a final weekend three-team extravaganza.)

17/03/2019 PREM NOM vs TIG Epsom College 1230
17/03/2019 SERL BEAR2 vs TIG2 Victory Academy 1300
24/03/2019 PREM TIG vs TROJ Perse School for Boys 1245
24/03/2019 1 V1 vs T1 Ely Community College 1815
24/03/2019 2 V2 vs T2 Ely Community College 1915
24/03/2019 2 T4 vs L2 Perse School for Boys 1900
31/03/2019 2 C4 vs T4 Impington 1800
31/03/2019 1 T1 vs P1 Perse School for Boys 1900
07/04/2019 PREM TIG vs TORN Perse School for Boys 1245
07/04/2019 SERL TIG2 vs TORN2 Perse School for Boys 1415
07/04/2019 1 T1 vs P2 Perse School for Boys 1900
07/04/2019 2 T3 vs P3 Perse School for Boys 2000