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10 Dec 18: All I Want For Christmas is Korf

Ho-ho-ho! All I want for Christmas is Korf and matches are duly coming thick and fast at us now like bad Christmas songs.

T2 are certainly packing in the games and burning those calories as fast as they can before gorbing on selection boxes over the holidays. Starting on Thursday with a visit to Phoenix 3, we had a straight-running debut for Ella (Ella, Ella, eh, eh, eh – you know the song) and two master classes from two lads in their korfing prime: four-goal fire-starter (twisting fire-startah!) Sam and gentle giant Nick, a younger and, some would say, improved version of the Tigers-patented Korf scoring robot commonly known as, er, ‘Nick.’ This updated version (known fondly as ‘Big Nick’) is quickly establishing himself as the Nick of choice now. He put away five, thus beginning the long campaign to catch his namesake and older model in the scoring charts. A comfortable 15-9 away win there.

Sunday then saw the worshippers of Korf make pilgrimages to Bec and Bearsted for NL and SERL matches. The NL team held their own in the first half against the trendy, stylish, muscular perennial finalists and show-boaters Bec. A 7-9 deficit however quickly ballooned in the second half and despite Josh’s seven goals, the support of Matt’s wee brothers (with their runny noses, pea-shooters and catapults) and litres of holy water being guzzled by Andy, Tigers ended up losing 29-17.

Elsewhere in South East England at roughly the same time, a young Jamie Smith, the Korfballer Who Came In From The Cold, felt the old magic pumping through his veins as he put away 4 against Bearsted. Jamie is certainly burning the calories in training and rediscovering his Vikings and Trojans form of a few years back. ‘There could have been more’ they said as he and Frank cavorted around the court with style and had many near misses. We also had a goal for Caitlin on her SERL debut – she only started playing again a few weeks ago and has the England call-up wrapped up under her Christmas tree – and one for another Comeback Kid Tom Northfield. Haggartographers should also note two for their poster boy and we must not close this report without a mention for Generalus Reboundus Maximus James Sawyer on his first outing. James was a bit eager to play every match going this weekend, signing up for all teams in a frenzy of voting activity on e4g. He quickly realized the error of his ways before setting out on a commute from Colchester to CRC for a Thurs night match at Phoenix 3 (as for Littleport, that’s another story.) No need for Division 2 mid-week commutes for this fine fellow, though. That would be a criminal under-use of his talents. 21-9 the final score there to a promotion-chasing Bearsted.

We also had a club derby on Sunday evening with everyone’s favourite Tigers team (T2 of course) beating a Haines-less, but Cozzo-inspired T3 17-11. ‘Anything that Nick and Sam can do for T2, Sarah can do better’ she harrumphed and pointed to herself before the match, eyeballing Big Nick (who was playing for T3.) She wasn’t joking! Six for the Roberts Express! There were goals aplenty too for a hobbling Billy (broken metatarsal and all) and Sam (just the two, though, as he was up against a fearsome and uncompromising opponent of many arms– Steve ‘The Windmill’ Clarke.) We had interloping antelopes in the shape of 3-goal Luuk (who kept Cozzo on his toes) and a certain C West, who turned up to coach but drafted himself into T2 to make up the numbers (the under-14s matches in the morning taking their toll on a few starters.) Sundays just aren’t Sundays for Chris unless he has at least six hours of Korfing action anyway (he didn’t take much persuading, having both orange and black shirts handy just in case.) We also had T3 goals for Jen, Cozzo, Big Nick (catching up his namesake in the scoring charts – just 680 behind now,) 3 for Martha…..and just the 4 for Ollie (more on that in a minute.)

T4 then lost to a very strong and experienced City 4 11-4. Anything Nick can do, Nick can do better as Nick scored two to put some distance between him and Nick – back up to 682 ahead in the scoring stakes. We had some great running and ambidextrous passing from young stuntman Leo ‘Knievel’ Castaigne, with able support from a busy and clever Luka again. Francis flung the ball with great force but unfortunately didn’t get on the score sheet. We also had the Armitage girls on the rampage in the same division. A good run-out for them both together and if they didn’t hear enough about running in straight lines from the sidelines, I am sure they were dreaming about it on Sunday night. Indeed, we need more straight line running everyone! Head down and straight to the post to receive that feed (without fouling of course.) Mic drop to Martha too for some excellent substitution work. That was a good 30 seconds of play.

Last but not least, a shout out to the Under-14s for their magnificent comeback victory against Royals on Sunday morning. The Under-14s are keeping up with the mighty Bearsted and are a well-trained, well-supported, well-grounded team of players who are just a nice bunch of sporting kids too. They also boast some extremely good players – not least the modest and unassuming Ollie Francis, who not only scored 9 in his second game, but scored another 4 in the first…oh, and then another 4 for T3 (against a mean T2 opponent) …..erm….oh yeah and then subbed on and got one more for good measure for T4. Eighteen goals in one day – more than most of us score in a season. Apart from Nick of course. Both of them.

Lots more action coming up before the holiday season, with T2 visiting Littleport on Friday, away trips to Tornadoes, a few matches for T1 and one more match for T3. Training is on 12th and 19th and you get one week off before we train again on 2nd. All I want for Christmas is Korf – but you’ll be having cold turkey on 26th – literally. Unless you’re vegetarian.

14/12/2018 2 L2 vs T2 Littleport Sports Centre 2020
16/12/2018 PREM TORN vs TIG New Line Learning Academy 1120
16/12/2018 SERL TORN2 vs TIG2 New Line Learning Academy 1240
16/12/2018 1 C3 vs T1 Hills Road Sixth Form College 1600
16/12/2018 2 C4 vs T3 Hills Road Sixth Form College 1700
20/12/2018 1 P2 vs T1 Cambridge Regional College 2115
06/01/2019 PREM TIG vs NKTS Perse School for Boys
06/01/2019 SERL TIG2 vs NKTS2 Perse School for Boys
06/01/2019 2 V2 vs T3 Ely Community College 1815
06/01/2019 2 V3 vs T4 Ely Community College 1915