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07 Jan 19: Picking up where we left off

Welcome back to Korfworld, folks. Haven’t seen you since last year. Spirits may be somewhat damper and many of us a little wobblier but all of us 100% Tiger. The korfing resolutions have been scribed on precious, orange vellum and 2019 will hopefully be the year that we shall all score more, talk in defence more and avoid relegation…..(and be kind to our neighbours, etc etc.)

So, how did we fare? Well, the NL and SERL teams were up against pace-setters Norwich Knights on Sunday. The NL team were neck and neck at 4-4 for the first ten minutes when Too-much-turkey syndrome kicked in. Some of us may have piled on the pundiladas but the opposition piled on the goals. Despite Liv’s best efforts at infecting the opposition with her germs and Gracie knocking them in, we ended up losing 20-39. Didn’t expect to win that one anyway. Knights mean business this year – probably out on Christmas Day doing HIIT or Jazzercise to keep in trim. In contrast, I was doing a jigsaw.

The SERL team followed up by blowing away cobwebs for the first half before clawing it back in the second half to lose narrowly to Knights SERL team 15-18. Goals were spread like lumpy gravy around the team, with Rosie getting a particularly lumpy four and James a chunky three. We had good performances – especially from Molly and Caitlin – but Knights always have a lot of strength in depth, regularly topping the SERL division. So that’s still a good showing.

Elsewhere, the ‘Haines Express,’ better known as T3, honked its horn and called in on Ely on Sunday too, losing 10-14 to promotion-chasing Vikings 2. Showing off his new shooting hands he got as a present for Christmas, there were a few lovely long strikes from Adrian. With their score-more resolutions tucked in their pockets, there were goals for Rachael, Caroline, Nick and Sarah too. Twitter was also ablaze with talk of a hat-trick from The Chairman himself, Steve – who was delighted that his son Louis was also making an appearance – if only so that the rest of his family would now have to believe his (hitherto scoffed-at) claims that he scored a hat-trick in a match. Incidentally, Louis has been hiding away under his Mathematics books of late but some enchantments bought by Steve from a local druid on mid-winter’s night managed to magically coax his son up to Ely for a turn on the court. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, Louis. And witchcraft.

T4 gained a measure of revenge directly after this match by beating V3 12-5 in a ‘cohesive team display’ with a ‘variety of attacking moves,’ according to sources. There were more hat-tricks in this one too – for Max and Ella. Good man, Max! And Ella hitting her groove again, I see. Leo and Zoe scored too…as did the old T4 warhorse himself, of course. Can’t keep him out. We must give a shout out to Phoebe too for defending solidly against a very tall opponent indeed. That arm was up a lot yesterday. She won’t be answering many questions in class today (that arm will be a lead weight.)

Lots happening in January, starting with T1 on Thursday, Under 14s on Sunday and a key NL match at the Perse against Kingfisher (note the slightly later start time.)

10/01/2019 1 P1 vs T1 Cambridge Regional College 2115
13/01/2019 U14 Tigers U14 vs Bearsted U14 Cambridge Regional College 1200
13/01/2019 U14 Tigers U14 vs Dragons U14 Cambridge Regional College 1300
13/01/2019 PREM TIG vs KFISH Perse School for Boys 1315
13/01/2019 SERL TIG2 vs KFISH2 Perse School for Boys 1445
13/01/2019 2 C4 vs T2 Impington 1800
13/01/2019 2 V3 vs T3 Ely Community College 1815
23/01/2019 2 U2 vs T4 Cambridge University Sports Centre 2000
27/01/2019 SERL CITY vs TIG2 Perse School for Boys 1120
27/01/2019 PREM TROJ vs TIG Trinity School Sports Centre 1245
27/01/2019 2 T2 vs V3 Perse School for Boys 1900
27/01/2019 2 T3 vs V2 Perse School for Boys 2000