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05 Nov 18 – Rocking in Rochester

‘Rochester rocks to Tiger victories.’
That’s the headline after a successful weekend of korfing action, kicked off by the NL team’s away victory over KV 19-22. KV may have got KwiteVocal and earned themselves a yellow card or two, but that was just symptomatic of the greater impact on proceedings of the seven-goal limelight-stealing Andy and Toby – the new attaching dream team on the block. Andy was on fire apparently because he was wearing the number 14 shirt, one source told me. ‘It’s about time that shirt started scoring more goals’ said another source. Of course, they were only allowed to flourish in their attacking roles with the support of the two ‘grandes dames’ Liv and Dutchie, whose opponents were so flustered by their regal presence that they struggled to keep their shoes on (Dutchie’s opponent in particular kept losing her shoe – heaven knows how.) New boy Matt got cramp after 20 minutes – shouldn’t have had that last roastie, Matt –  but still had time to score three in those 20 minutes and is so good that he needs two subs to replace him, James coming on for 30 minutes and Frank for 10 minutes after that. Gracie scored three in her first full match too. Gracie – a wee slip of a thing – scared the bejaysus out of her girl so much that they had to switch the better defender onto her, which is pretty impressive. We were ahead the whole match, carving out a three or four-goal lead at times and holding onto it and when avuncular ref Peter Allan – the David Attenborough of the korfing jungle – blew the final whistle, this species of tiger had proved itself the fittest.

The SERL team followed up with victory against KV2 13-19. We had goals for James, Rosie, Frank, Jamie, Daisy, Luuk and Sian. Wait, we had nine Llewelyn goals actually – Daisy just winning bragging rights this time – and two more for new transfer Sian, who knows her way around the court. Welcome, Sian! Put the kettle on. Mystifyingly, a confused Rob came away with no goals as did a less mystified Keira, who just likes the exercise, but at least we got them both a mention.

In the local league, Uni 2 came visiting for two games on Sunday evening, against T2 and then T3. Being at the top of the division two food chain, wanton predators Tigers 2 toyed around with their helpless Uni 2 prey somewhat last night, injuring their quarry with a few runners here and timely shots there, even conceding one or two to cruelly keep faint hopes alive …..before violently killing and eating the opposition – well, metaphorically anyway, Ollie and Sarah linking up nicely, Sam keeping the danger man busy and T2 secret weapon Steve sinking a blinder. A big score but not quite sure what the final tally was.

Some of these players stayed on for T3 against the same opposition, including Steve, who joined the pantheon of korfing greats in suffering a dislocated finger (which he promptly tried to relocate and tape up – a la Jason Bourne or McGyver.) T3 won this 10-8 or so, with two goals each for Sarah, Zoe, Martha and even two for an equally taped-up Jenny, who was miffed at having to cover up her bling (for fear of taking a poor student’s eye out with her rock, to be fair.) One each for Alex (back with a smile) and Luka (Mr Consistency.) Lots of shots and near misses from Ella (saving up for a rainy day when we need them to go in, no doubt.) Zoe turned in a ‘miracle performance’ under the post, one observer said as did young Max, charged with defending against a swift and wilful opponent. Another exam passed by the young korfing scholar.

08/11/2018 2 P3 vs T3 Cambridge Regional College 2115
11/11/2018 1 T1 vs V1 Perse School for Boys 1900
11/11/2018 2 T4 vs V2 Perse School for Boys 2000
18/11/2018 U14 Tigers U14 vs Vikings U14 Cambridge Regional College 900
18/11/2018 U14 Tigers U14 vs Phoenix U14 Cambridge Regional College 1100
18/11/2018 PREM TIG vs BRIS Perse School for Boys 1245
18/11/2018 SERL TIG2 vs HAR Perse School for Boys 1415
23/11/2018 2 L2 vs T4 Littleport Sports Centre 2020
23/11/2018 1 L1 vs T1 Littleport Sports Centre 2130
25/11/2018 PREM TIG vs NOM Perse School for Boys 1245
25/11/2018 SERL TIG2 vs BEAR2 Perse School for Boys 1415
25/11/2018 2 T4 vs V3 Perse School for Boys 1900
25/11/2018 2 T2 vs V2 Perse School for Boys 2000
02/12/2018 U14 Tigers U14 vs Royals U14 Cambridge Regional College 900
02/12/2018 U14 Tigers U14 vs City U14 Cambridge Regional College 1000
02/12/2018 2 T2 vs P3 Perse School for Boys 1900
02/12/2018 2 T4 vs T3 Perse School for Boys 2000
06/12/2018 2 P3 vs T2 Cambridge Regional College 2115